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Chapter Nine: A Pre-emptive Attack

As Terry stood in front of his mirror waiting for his friends to arrive, he tried to keep his mind turned to pleasant thoughts, which was hard, considering what he was waiting for. 'The idea of going to a horror theme park isn't too inviting,' he concluded, smoothing out his hair and trying to unwrinkled his shirt. 'I haven't even figured out how I'm going to survive the night…they know that stuff freaks me out already. This is like my own personal hell.' Terry continued to watch his reflection before sighing. "Being negative about this isn't going to do anyone any good. At least I'll be with friends right? Right. Besides…Evan did say he'd make it up to me if I went. It's the stupid Student Council's fault anyway. Who plans a class trip to a horror park anyway?"

"A class that lives in a town with a famous Halloween park in it?" came an unexpected reply, accompanied by a small chuckle.

Not realizing that he had begun to verbalize his thoughts, Terry quickly turned around, finding Evan standing in front of him with a wide grin on his face as he held out his hand. Terry slowly took the hand and allowed himself to be tugged into a kiss. After they parted, however, confusion was written clearly across his features. "How long have you been standing there?"

"Not that long," Evan replied, grinning incessantly. "Don't worry, you weren't talking loud enough for anyone to think you're crazy. I just have very sensitive hearing."
Terry rolled his eyes, but smiled at him anyway as they went downstairs and out the door towards Aya's car. "Lucky me," he murmured, just loud enough for the other to hear. "I still don't know how I let you talk me into this. You and Aya would have a great time regardless of whether I'm there or not…" To add emphasis, he even tried his hand at pouting, trying to wiggle his way out at the last minute.

"Not true," Evan replied simply.

Alas, even pouting had failed. Terry tried quickly to formulate another plan of attack until he caught Aya's gaze. "Terry, stop whining and get in the damn car," she ordered, rolling her eyes that held a hint of amusement. "You're already at the car, why bother going back now? Besides, we get to laugh at all the people that get scared."

"I am one of those people…," Terry mumbled as he got into the backseat, crossing his arms. To his surprise, Evan got in after him, sitting beside him. He glanced over at him and smiled slightly. "Seriously though…you guys have seen scary movies right? People get killed at these things all the time!"

Sighing in defeat, he sat back and turned his gaze to the window.

"It'll be fine," Evan replied, sliding over so he was right beside Terry. "I've gone to this thing every year and nothing has ever happened, except that one time…" Terry assumed that the look on his face had something to do with Evan's trailing off. "I'm just kidding…really."

When he felt the other's lips on his cheek, Terry couldn't help but feel a bit better about the whole thing. After all, Evan was always very patient with him with everything that had happened since they had gotten together. "You're right…I know. It's stupid to be afraid of something like that…I just can't help it." He glanced over at him, offering a smile. "Lucky for me you've got enough courage for both of us."

He got a smile and another kiss in return, telling him he had said the right thing. After that the brunette turned his gaze back to the window. The sun had already set, leaving the scar dark and blanketed with stars. As much as he hated to admit it, it was the perfect atmosphere for a haunted park to be set up in. 'Though…that'll just make it ten times worse for me…God why wasn't I made with more of a backbone, huh? Couldn't I have gotten just a little ounce of courage for situations like these? Maybe that way I wouldn't look like such a loser. Even Aya is braver than I am, and she's a girl! I mean it's not that I'm being sexist or anything…but aren't guys general supposed to be brave? It's almost like a requirement for our gender…Why did I have to be deprived?'

The drive to the park did not last very long, and by the time they arrived Terry's mind was racing with thoughts of what was going to happen that night. It wasn't until he felt Evan nudge him lightly that he even realized they had reached their destination. "Come on," Evan said, reaching over him to open the door. "I won't get anything get you, I promise."

Laughing, albeit nervously, Terry got out of the car and waited for Evan and Aya, not bothering to look past the entrance yet. However when he watched the smiles on Aya and Evan's faces widen, he thought that perhaps this wouldn't be as bad as he believed. "Let's go!" Aya exclaimed, linking their arms together, while Evan appeared on his other side. "This is going to be so much fun Terry I promise! Half of the stuff is just really funny anyway." She paused, laughing for a moment. "If you can get through tonight, I doubt any movie will ever scare you again. You'll be able to sit back and laugh at the absurdness of it all."

"Yeah…maybe," Terry replied absently, his eyes widening just slightly as they passed through the threshold and entered the park. The area was in the middle of nowhere for the most part, hidden inside the woods. The branches swayed gently in the wind, the leaves rustling against each other. Paths had been created to appear like cobble stones to create a world back in time. Ghosts and monsters were roaming the streets, letting the fear grow inside Terry already, let alone the haunted houses he was expected to enter. 'This is going to be terrible,' he thought as they handed in the tickets they had received from the school. Some comfort came as he recognized a few of the people from different classes, reminding him briefly of just any other day. But the dark and eerie atmosphere told him otherwise.

Walking down the stony path, Terry could not keep his gaze from continuously glancing toe the creatures that surrounded them. The costumes and masks were extravagant, color blends and subtle pieces giving the actors a truly real appearance. Although this only served to increase the uneasiness that boiled inside him, he allowed the more artistic side to admire all the work that had gone in to the creation of the park. 'I wonder how much time goes into putting this together…' "AH!" He let out a small yell as something startled him from behind.

As he turned around, Terry was greeted by Evan smiling at him, almost as if trying to keep laughter from bubbling to the surface. "Sorry…," Evan said finally as he put an arm around his shoulder. "I couldn't help it…"

"Mean…," the brunette replied before shrugging off Evan's arm and crossing his, pouting. 'It's not nice to play on people's fears…but I guess it was a bit funny. Still, that doesn't mean I can't make him suffer for a minute or two…' When he glanced up again it was just in time to see Aya lightly hitting his boyfriend on the top of his head as if scolding him. It made him smile to listen to the banter between them, Aya rolling her eyes as Evan complained that Terry was ignoring him. "It's your own fault," was the only response he received. He waited a few moments longer before letting out a dramatic sigh and laughing softly as he latched onto Evan's arm. "I guess I can forgive you this time. Some knight you are though," he said, still maintaining his pouting voice. Before he could utter another word, however, he felt a soft pair of lips brush quickly against his.

"Aw…I won't do it again. Scouts honor," Evan said, emphasizing this by making the official scouts honor sign with his fingers.

"Don't worry Terr, I'll make sure he doesn't try anything," Aya confirmed, winking at him. "If he does anything I'll have to beat him up again."

This brought laughter to the three of them and all was resolved. Now Terry had an ally, just in case his oh so loveable boyfriend decided to try anything again. Yet this feeling of relief and satisfaction lasted only a moment as he felt himself being lead to the first haunted house. The mansion was old and rickety, just as he had expected it to be. It was made of bricks that were old and weathered with windows that were either clouded with dust or shattered. Some might think it looked like a place that was trying to hard but to Terry it didn't matter much either way. For him, the harder they tried, the easier they would be at succeeding.

As they got in the line, which was much too short for Terry's liking, he couldn't help but notice everyone else's excitement. For them, this was all about the thrills and scares, getting their adrenaline rushing. 'Maybe I shouldn't let all this get to me,' he thought as the group in front of them was let into the mansion. 'I mean this is high school right? No one is scared of this stuff anymore, that's just lame. Besides, I'm here with my friend and my boyfriend, the last thing I wanna do is ruin things for everyone else by getting scared or something. Besides, it's all fake right? Right. I just have to remember that. Completely and utterly fake.'

"Next group, come forward," a low voice said, causing him to look up. The man was dressed in an old, dusty suit, complete with coat tails and a top hat.

As he, Aya, and Evan moved forward, he felt an arm wrap around his waist which caused his lips to curve into a smile. 'Yeah…I can do this,' was his final thought as they were lead into the mansion and then set on their way.

The halls were dark and bleak, small candlelit lamps lined them, providing only enough light for them to see the floor. Paintings were hung on the walls, family photos from centuries long past. Each corner brought a horrifying surprise, from spirits to vampires. Any thoughts Terry had about them not being real quickly retreated the back of his mind. However, true to his word, Evan had kept right beside him, even when he was sure he was making the worst company. No one seemed to mind though, and once they reached the end of the first haunted house Terry was able to laugh about it with Evan and Aya, his irrational fear giving way to the fun that was gained by being there with the others.

They went into several more houses before coming to the enchanted maze. Terry had to admit, he was rather excited about this one. True it was scary as the rest, but the fact that they had used a real hedge maze, complete with 8 foot walls, was rather amazing to him.

"You know, I didn't think I would actually see you smile while we were still hear," an amused voice quipped.

Terry laughed and shrugged his shoulders, giving Aya a smile. "Yeah well, I like keeping you guys on your toes. I can't be too predictable."

"I dunno…you are pretty predictable most of the t-," Evan began, but was unable to finish as Terry quieted him with a kiss, his lips lingering a few moments before pulling away. The flushed look on Evan's face is enough to make him smile.

"Bet you didn't think I'd do that," he explained triumphantly.

"Boys….," Aya said, laughter ringing from her voice. "Do I need to leave you guys alone for a minute?"

Terry laughed and shook his head. He was about to reply when a vampire told them it was their turn to enter the maze. As they made their way in, the amazement Terry had felt when first looking at it began to slowly turn to dread. Although it still amazed him, he was wary about what may be lurking around the corner. Bushes shook and voices carried in the wind. Fog and mist lurked around every corner, making him incredibly nervous. However, it was a feeling he could deal with, especially having his boyfriend so near. At least, until he thought he heard his name being said.

He could vaguely hear Aya and Evan talking in the background as his mind concentrated on the soul sound he had heard. It was quiet and whispered, as if the wind were carrying it along, but he knew he had heard his name. 'This shouldn't be happening….it's probably just someone trying to mess with me,' he thought. 'But who would do that? It's not like I know that many people…' Sighing, he realized that he had stopped walking and most likely was a bit behind the others.

When he turned back around to meet back up with his friends he found himself alone, the group having moved on. "This wasn't a good idea…actually it was a really really bad one," he said, silently urging himself not to panic. All mazes had patterns…even haunted ones. 'What is it that people do in all those movies…they put their hand one the wall and then just keep going, eventually you have to find a way out right? Right…I'll just do that."

Slowly he moved his hand to the wall and started in the same direction everyone else had been headed. The silence was unnerving and generally creepy. "This isn't supposed to happen…," he said to himself, continuing slowly on his way, hoping to find Evan and Aya again. "I just had to stop didn't I? All because I thought I heard someone calling me…this is ridiculous. And because of it I got myself separated from everyone else. Good going there-"

The rest of the sentence died and was replied by a small yell as the bushes rustled behind him, causing him to quickly spin around. He stared for a moment, his green eyes widened as he bit down nervously on his lower lip. On instinct he took a single step forward, but stopped himself. "Don't be stupid…Every time someone goes to investigate something they end up hacked into little tiny pieces right? Right." With that in mind, he moved to turn back around and continue on his way.

He only got so far, however, until he heard it again. "Stop it!" Terry shouted, turning back around. A shuddered breath escaped his lips, shaking just slightly. "It's not funny anymore…please, just leave me alone…I know this is supposed to be a haunted maze and all but I lost my group and I would really appreciate if you could just wait until your next group to continue on scaring people."

What Terry had not been expecting was a reply. "If my reason for being here was to scare people then I would…but I'm afraid my reasons for being here are much less amusing."

As soon as he heard the voice Terry cursed. It was one that he could place anywhere, having heard it for most of his life. "What are you doing here?" he asked, almost frozen in his place. "Are you following me?"

"I wouldn't call it following…I just happened upon the fact that your school had planned a trip here, and thought that perhaps I might run into you," Mr. Steven's replied, smirking lightly. "We never really finished our conversation you know." Terry tried to say something but the man would not stand to be interrupted and simply continued. "And you lied to me too, you and that little faggot friend of yours, I saw you together." He took a few steps forward, causing Terry to take a few steps back.

"If you hadn't been such an abusive asshole when I was younger maybe I would have told you," Terry said harshly, though fear seeped through in his voice. "Oh wait, you still are one. We weren't even in the same room for ten minutes before you slapped me around."

"You listen to me you little shit," the man replied, reaching forward to grab the collar of his shirt. "I already told you I wasn't going to leave without you and your mother coming back home. I don't see what the big, fucking deal is anyway. It's not like I didn't take care of the two of you. I gave you everything I could."

As soon as his father's hand latched on to his shirt his hands flew up, trying to pry his fingers away. "Yeah...well maybe you gave a little too much," he spat before using any courage he had and kicking his father in the leg. Once his grip was loosened enough Terry tore himself away and started to run in the opposite direction, not paying attention to where he was headed, as long as it was away from him. He could hear footsteps coming from behind him and tried to increase his speed, his breath coming out in short gasps.

Continuing to run, the maze seemed endless, twists and turns leaving him frazzled and confused. There was no telling where he was going to end up, only that it would hopefully be far away from his father. However as he turned a corner and found himself at a dead end he felt his blood run cold. He turned to go back the other way but was met with his father's angry figure, his eyes blazing with fury. 'Shit….shit what do I do?' he thought, his mind racing. 'I can't get out…and god knows he's just gonna start another fight…but there's nowhere to go!' Glancing around, looking drastically for some kind of hole, anything he could use to get away, he resolved that the only way was through the bushes and vines.

Without another thought he dove to the side, pulling at the branches to try and squeeze through any open space. He knew his father was behind him and felt something grasp his arm. "Let go!" he yelled, using his legs to try and shove him away. Closing his eyes for a minute, he used his other hand to pull himself forward as he felt the other side of the hedge. Terry was desperate to get away, using any energy he could muster to get himself through. Suddenly, he felt someone take his free hand and gasped, only to find Evan in front of him, tugging on his arm to help him through. "Come on…come on," he heard the other mutter, pulling as hard as he could until Terry felt his father's grasp break and he was able to pull himself through.


When Evan found Terry struggling to get through the maze's wall he ran as fast as he could towards him. He could vaguely hear someone else talking, but his mind could not focus on the words. The only thing that would go through his mind was to help Terry. The fear etched into his boyfriend's features made his heart skip a beat. Quickly reaching out, he grabbed onto his hand and pulled with all his might. "Come on…come on," he mumbled, silently willing the other person to let go. After what seemed like forever, Terry was free.

He waited until the other was completely through before he let out a breathe he didn't know he had been holding and pulled Terry into his arms. The first thing he noticed was how shaken the boy appeared, visibly trembling while holding onto Evan as though he would disappear. Suddenly, Evan's head shot up as someone continued to yell.

"Don't think you can get away so easily," a familiar voice snarled. "And don't even think about telling anyone what happened here either or I swear to god you'll live to regret it."

After that silence reigned over them once more, nothing but the sounds of the night could be heard. Sighing, he lightly ran his hand up and down Terry's back soothingly for a few moments longer before lightly pushing back on his shoulders to look at him. "Terry…are you alright?" he asked softly, trying not to sound completely lame. 'Of course he's not alright, stupid. He was clawing his way through the maze just to get away from his asshole of a father…' His thoughts trailed off when instead of a reply he felt Terry's lips pressed against his. The kiss was desperate, begging for a comfort that Evan was more than willing to give. His arms wrapped around Terry's waist, pulling him closer as he poured his emotions into their kiss.

When they finally parted, both were gasping for breathe and Evan leaned his forehead against Terry's, keeping them close. "Thanks for coming," he heard Terry whisper, his voice shaking just slightly. "I didn't think I'd be able to find you guys again after we were separated…"

As he cradled Terry's smaller frame he felt a sense of nostalgia flow through him. "Of course I'd come and find you…," he said softly, running his hand over Terry's soft hair. "I know how scared you get of this stuff…as soon as we saw you were gone I told Aya to keep going and came back to find you. I just…didn't think it would be like this."

After staying like that, arms wrapped around each other for a few minutes longer, Evan slowly pulled away, getting to his feet. "Come on," he said, holding out his hand for Terry. "What do you say we get out of here huh? I'm sure Aya won't mind us leaving a bit early. It's take a while to walk back, but I'm sure I could make the time fly by…" He smiled softly as Terry took his hand, giving him a smile of his own before nodding.

Evan wrapped his arm around Terry's shoulders, giving him a chaste kiss before heading towards the exit. Aya was waiting for them, of course, but she had been and always would be the most understanding friend Evan had. With nothing but a brief explanation, she shooed him and Terry away, but not before putting her hand to her ear, signaling for him to call her later on. As we waved goodbye and turned back to Terry he couldn't help but wonder how worried he should be. 'Fucking asshole…Terry's dad doesn't seem to know when to give up, and it doesn't look like he plans on it anytime soon. I'm not sure how much more Terry can take of this…' Thoughts whirled through his mind as he and his boyfriend walked through the quiet night. He felt green eyes looking at him and when he turned he was surprised to see Terry looking content for the moment. Flashing a brilliant smile of his own he turned his gaze forward again, dropping his arm from Terry's shoulders to take his hand. 'He'll get through this though…I'll help him get through this.'

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