One Afternoon

There we were on a drizzly afternoon
Standing in a somewhat lonesome park
I, the lady, lean against the heavy bark
He, the gentleman, corners her without a mark.

It is then the two kids start to chatter
And for a split, heartbeat of a second, he slips
Slips his head on to her shoulder, and starts to kiss her so
From the neck he lingers, passionately deep and low.

He nibbles her ear, whispers so soft, so gentle
She leans against his protective arm, to keep her from falling
Then she hears it; no, feels it: his heartbeat calling, calling
And as he holds tighter he shows a love they were borne in.

This simply happened on one fateful afternoon
Two innocent kids stand together
No parents, no rules, just bounded and there
a hug, a kiss, and a deep loving care.

-Note: An actual moment of mines...very memorable and special to me.