Looking out the window

I see the raindrops bleeding,

Falling from a sky of ashes

A broken world's sins, and pain-

Wash across my face-as heaven cries

For the souls about to be murdered.

Another pointless charade,

The storm is brewing darker by the minute-

Find no escape.

Looking out the window,

I see lightning dance across the sky,

Destroying all hope of sunlight,

The fire burning in my heart; smoldering.

Blood rushing through my veins,

I feel the life about to stop,

Say goodbye.

Self-destructive rampage.

Nails ripping across my skin…

The thunder breaking, just like my screams,

Bleeding tears, burning my skin raw-

Never good enough, you cannot be pleased.

I'm drowning in my imperfections, drowning in agony.

A coffin for those about to die,

Scum covered carcass,

Black clouds and pain

Death of happiness…..

Souls always bleed like rain....