Hello! I'm new at this stuff so forgive any mistakes. :D

Anyway, these are a series of letters written from one person to another. The letters differ from one another, different characters, different situations etc. Please tell me what you think of them.

This one is what I'll call Only Tomorrow.


You used to tell me, when times were hard, when things were rocky between us that we should not worry too much about tomorrow, we should be enjoying what we have now, we should glory in it, be happy in it. After all, who's to say if we should stay? Who's to say that we should go but us, right? I fear that this is it… this is tomorrow.

Daniel, I love you but I'm not in love with you.

I've spent so many years in this relationship, in this love that burned itself out after time and made embers. The embers of the love I once knew that showed me a flame that I could have carried forever.

I love you so much, so much that if you ask me to stay I would. I'd stay although we both know that there is nothing, nothing there but love for a friend from me. Could I go on knowing how unfair that is to you? Could I go on knowing that if I leave, you will never, ever forgive me? Could I go, knowing that I left you broken?

Friend. It seems too light a word to call what we've shared. No, I'm not your sister, I don't want to be, our love was and is more than that but somehow, it is not love anymore… not the love that you want it to be, not the love you want for us. Not the love you feel for me, the love that I cannot give you, the love that you, more than anyone, even I, deserve.

I love you, Lord knows how much. I hope that in that small time we had, you felt it. I will miss your warmth, your shoulder when I cry, your hand when I tremble, your arms when I'm cold. I know that I will reach for you each night and that I will miss waking up beside you. And I will cry. A lot. For that love that can no longer simply be. For us. For you. For tomorrow.

Lord, looking back, it makes me think, am I doing the right thing? Am I doing what's best for both of us? What good would it do? Will there be something good out of this?

Tomorrow, Daniel, will I survive without you?

I don't know if I should give you this letter, my heart, my heartache. So, Daniel, tomorrow, when you open the mailbox and you find this and read it, please remember that I love you, Daniel, so much, but I'm not in love with you. But then of course, who's to say if we should stay or go?

Only tomorrow?

With all my heart,


That's it! Please tell me what you thought!!! :D