This is a song. If you are anywhere near Baguio City come visit me and I'll
sing for you...
This is a song dedicated to my everbelovedearest. :D

Beautiful Stranger

Cradle me in your arms, beautiful stranger,
Stay with me your love will keep me warm
Your eyes blue as ocean, melts me within
Your golden smile leaves me breathless again.

Usher me to silence beautiful stranger
We wont need words, one glance says it all
I could feel the life that your hands convey,
The memory of your touch I will not erase...

Oh come beautiful stranger
I gave with no holding back
My love, your my forever,
My life is in your hands...

Your caress is gentle, beautiful stranger.
I could taste the lingering kiss of your lips,
I could hear the faint whisper of your heartbeat
I could feel the tender brush of your fingertips

I breathe you in the air beautiful stranger,
Your love surrounds me, its filling my senses,
And then you sing to me, I feel me become whole,
Your voice speaks to me it reaches down my soul...

Oh come beautiful stranger (oh come beautiful stranger)
I gave with no holding back (oh, my love take me with you)
My love, your my forever, (I'll be yours forevermore)
My life is in your hands...(I belong inside your arms)

But I can't keep you near,
You belong to the wild and free,
And as your hair dance to the music of the air,
I'll let you keep my heart
But love please take me with you,
I'll be yours inside your arms,
I gave my heart to a beautiful stranger,
I gave my all to you...