Sitting here head in hands
Listening to all my favorite bands
About to go out and have some fun
Wish instead that I had a gun

My friend's don't know, they can't tell
That I'm living in my own personal hell
My mask is still in place and intact
Even though with each day the sides seem to contract

It seems to be suffocating me
It's getting so bad I can barely see
I can't breathe I'm beginning to choke
But I can't let it down, it could end up broke

I can't let them see behind my mask
Even though keeping it is such a grueling task
I must pretend to be happy and free
I promised myself I wouldn't let them see

But I see you looking closely
But so far you see happiness mostly
I hope your brown eyes can't penetrate
And see my heart thats filled with hate

I will keep this mask on till death
And so I take one last painful breath
And I walk out the door to hang out
While inside, my soul is trying to shout