Prologue: Ichi and Iko

"Ichi! We're going to be late!" I yelled down the hall at my sister, her laziness causing us to be almost fifteen minutes behind schedule on the first day of the Tobata Gion Yamagasa Festival.

"Shut up Aiko-kun! It's still early, and it's not my fault you're so obsessive about these things!" she yelled back

"I am not obsessive! I am a perfectionist!" I yelled back at her, pacing the living room.

"Keep telling yourself that Aiko-kun" Ichi muttered sarcastically, stalking down the hall out of our bedroom.

Oichi is my twin sister, and she's definitely the more laid back. Ichi-kun has many friends and is very funny, although her penchant for sarcasm lands us in trouble quite often. Ichi appeared wearing an elaborate orange and pink yukata with her long sable hair up in a painstakingly intricate bun held with a jade kanzashi, making me look myself up and down in shame at my simple white hakama and my hair left down to flow down my back.

"Dressed down much?" Ichi asked

"Sorry Ichi-Kun, I'll go change" I replied and tried to make my way around her to get to my room.

"Oh no you don't, you yell at me for making you a bit behind schedule and you expect me to let you change?" She asked

"Umm…yes?" I replied meekly

"Not going to happen, now let's go, he have to get to Kokura Station and hitch a ride to Tobata Station." Ichi said, pulling me of our apartment building and onto the streets of Kitakyushu.

Ichi and I live on our own in the city of Kitakyushu in Fukuoka Prefecture. We live in an apartment in Kokura Kita-ku, near Kokura Castle, about a ten minute walk from Kokura Station.

In case you're wondering how my sister and I are living on our own, our parents had to move for my father's job last year, but we wanted to stay. As my mother and father are extremely well off, they pay the rent on our apartment and give us money for food and clothing, but we have to pay for everything else. So I have a job at the Kitakyushu City Art Museum at the Riverwalk and Ichi has a job at Isetan, a huge department store at the south exit of Kokura Station.

Ichi and I were walking down the streets of Kokura Kita-ku peacefully, passing by Kokura Castle when we heard the crowing of a girl we'd rather not hear. As it was the first day of the Tobata Festival, we weren't in school, which is a good thing. Unfortunately, everyone else was out of school also.

"Aww…if it isn't Ichi and Iko, the blunder twins" came a high pitched whine from behind us

"You are sooo lame Uesugi, that wasn't even an insult" Ichi returned, calling the girl by her last name.

Uesugi Kimi is the most popular girl at our school and she knows it. She is never without her two henchgirls, Sora and Yuki, and for some reason enjoys making my life miserable.

It's because I'm prettier…

No really, I actually am…

Kimi is a dog…

Kimi is very tall compared to my 5'4 frame, and though we both weigh negligent amounts, her weight is carried in her amazingly large breasts, whereas I have some lithe muscle from swimming. Kimi has a large flat nose which is almost scary in comparison to my small almost cute nose. Her eyes are small and beady, almost black, whereas mine are kind of big and a light green. Kimi also has startlingly short, spiked hair that she dyed a light brown; mine is obsidian and straight and reaches my lower back.

"I am not lame! You just have no taste in insults!" Kimi replied haughtily

"Lame" My sister and I chimed at the same time.

"Ichi, I can't blame you for having no taste in insults, it's not your fault" Kimi cooed before turning to me

"You, on the other hand I can totally blame!" she yelled "You think you're all that Inoue Aiko, but you're not!"

"Such harsh words! I'm wounded…" I groaned, staggering around before falling into my fraternal twin's open arms

"Aiko-kun, NOOO!!!!!" Ichi cried, falling to her knees with my body limp in her arms. We managed to keep straight faces for all of ten seconds before we burst into laughter, Ichi helping me stand up again.

"I hate you Inoue Aiko!" Kimi yelled before huffing and walking off, Sora and Yuki taking the time to humph and hurry after her.

"Who rules?" I asked Ichi

"We do" Ichi replied before initiating the Mega-Cool-Ultra-Super-Secret-Inoue-Twins-Handshake-of-Victory.

I looked at my watch quickly and noticed that we were about to miss the train for Tobata Station.

"Ichi-kun! We're gonna be late!" I yelled before grabbing her hand and running off through the streets of Kokura Kita-ku.


A/n: Yeah, I know, I shouldn't be starting a new story when I have three others I need to finish, but Ichi got in my head and just would not let me put this away, so here they are! I like Ichi and Aiko, and I like the character that Aiko crushes on later, but you haven't met him yet. I don't know Japanese to make it seem realistic, so if anyone wants to help me out, say so in your review or just email me a few common phrases or something like that. I did my research on the area they live in, so I hope that's right, but it may not be. I also hope the names are somewhat normal Japanese and nothing too outlandish. I definitely need a school name, as I have absolutely no idea how schools are named in Japan, so if anyone will help me on that, I'd appreciate it. Please don't bash me if I do something stupid in the Japanese aspects of the story, like dress or stuff; just tell me about it and I'll never ever ever do it again, promise.

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