Natural Disaster

What if the world stopped spinning, would we just move on,

What if the rain was gone, where would our eyes get the tears we cried,

What if the sun stopped shinning, would we ever know warmth again,

And what if the wind stopped blowing, would we reach the sky,

With our wings pinned down unable to fly,


I'm stuck in the middle of the road,

So confused don't know which way I should go,

Forward will only bring heartache and pain,

But going back will never be the same,

Eyes overflowing, Lungs filled with sobs, hearts beating faster,

When did my life get to be such a natural disaster,

(Guitar Break)

Standing in the shadows, I am blinded by the light,

Burning to do what's wrong, forced to do what's right,

With a crash of thunder, lightning pierces the sky,

But the rain doesn't fall,

Because I refuse to cry,


A whirlwind of feelings slowly crush my heart,

Pulling and tearing, tearing it apart,

Visions of the yesterdays haunt me every night,

I finally let the tears fall free, as I shut my eyes, tight.

Review please!!!!!! I wrote this last year when everything kinda came crashing down at once.