Without saying a word she checked the wards. With HIM beating at their borders she had to. Diamond didn't know she checked them, as far as anyone knew she was Queen Gold's personal Mage-healer. No one realized it was she, and not diamond, who was holding HIM back. No one but herself and the Queen.

Diamond's ward held, but hers over it was almost ready to fall, the earth-magic she wove into her working was the only thing keeping it up, and that magic was failing now. Diamond had drained the land dry of high magic, she would NOT do the same with the "low"

She put her own personal power in to strengthen what earth and high could not handle. She was exhausted, the Demon-Lord's powers were slowly over-whelming hers, she didn't know how much longer she could last.

She knew the INSTANT the wards and shields finally went down, even though she had been sleeping in her room. She instinctively grabbed the half-mask of a "Commoner" in the court. She slipped it over her face even as she ran desperately towards Gold's room.

She saw HIS soldiers in the halls, heard Diamond scream at her to save Gold, saw him go down. The mage turned her own leven-bolts at the enemy warriors, but they seemed to be immune. With the wards down though the mage had other resources and called the lightning to her hand, knowing it would answer and she hit them with it for all she was worth.

She cleared the halls, behind her the other court-mages looked on in awe. To them earth-magic was the magic of hedge wizards and minor witches. They had never seen an earth-mage at work. She didn't coerce she asked, she didn't steal, she pleaded, but the elements answered her with a fury that not one high mage could equal. And when she backed her earth magic with High magery. She could cut down the enemy like wheat.

Without a second though she sent her lightning into the doors, breaking them down and came upon a sight out of nightmare. The queen, her friend Gold, lay broken and bleeding on her own bed, the half-undressed Demon-lord stood over her. On hand on her shirt, the queen's mask knocked askew.


She watches helpless as the demon-lord rips the last bit of clothing off her friend and queen, her eyes going black as she summons all the magic she can reach to her, the Demon-lord smiling. Only the queen's mask remains untouched.

The Demon-lord turns to the side and stares at the young-old mages. In over 2,000 lifetimes she's never seen ANYTHING that made her blood run colder, not even D'Vari, not all her deaths. The demon's voice is as smooth as the finest silk and sounds more like it belongs in an angel's mouth than his, "You're not the only one with power, young one. Will you attempt to challenge the fates by challenging me?"

Part of her wants to hide, he's EVIL, he's CRUEL, he's TERRIFYING. Yet the mage holds her ground and throws her own challenge back at him, "I have the blood of both Angels and Demons in my veins, I was BORN to challenge the likes of you!"

He actually smiles, and it makes her feel even colder than before. She layers her shields, interweaving all the different types she's learned in her many lifetimes. He watches her with something close to pleasure, "Ah! Angels and demons. Both have felt themselves be tortured at my hands." She can feel his eyes roam up and down her body.

Gold looks at the mage, her friend and confident in the court, "RUN!"

She shakes her head and says softly, "no, My Lady"

The Mage gathers up her power even as the Dark one starts to remove the queen's mask, despite Gold's screams and pleading. As the mask comes off revealing the heartbreakingly beautiful face of the Queen, the mage lets her power go, right in the demon's face.

The demon doesn't even TRY to bock it, instead he flies back, laughing in unholy beautiful, his voice sounding so beautiful, so very beautiful. He barely manages to avoid hitting the wall and kneels on the floor, his palms on the ground at his side. In his eyes something obscene burns, his lips form a cruel smile, "Nice shot."

The mage doesn't let it intimidate her, instead she gives a little courtesy and says, "Thank you. I am her majesty's court mage for a reason."

The demon smiles, rising to his feet once more, "And I am the Dark Lord for a reason." And he reaches for the queen who tries in vain to crawl away, grabbing her by the neck.

The Mage's eyes flash, anger giving her strength, "And I've taken out bigger fish than you!" She doesn't mention she had help then, her mother, he grandparents, nor that the cost was high, she lost all those who supported her but her mother.

The demon suddenly stops smiling and looks at her, "…have you now?" his eyes glow that sick green again as he looks at the mage. "Woman, to those I once ruled, I WAS a god, a dark god."

The queen says softly, "And she is called Goddess Child here."

The demon laughs, "Then we have a duel between the Gods then. If we are lucky, Millions of people will die because of it." And he laughs in the mage's face.

"Why does every third rate, want to be, demon-overlord have to POSTURE so!"

The demon tosses the queen back on the bed and focuses on the mage. Here is the challenge he wanted. Maybe SHE will know who enhanced that old mage's shield to the point it took him THIS long to get through it. Her magic feels much the same as the secondary shield's.

He studies her as she places some sort of shield around the room to hold the combat in. He has to admit to himself he is impressed with her power, most foes would have caved in now. This one, OH the FUN he will have breaking her. "All the third-raters worship me, or didn't you know that?"

The mage tosses back her hair and looks at him, "Sorry I have never heard of you till now, and my grandfather and great-grandfather were Demon Lords. Hell great grandfather is a demon-god."

He was impressed, so that is where she got much of her strength, oh YES, this woman would need to be broken most carefully, part angel and part demon. Such a rare find, so very rare. He smiles at her almost warmly, already picturing the tortures and pleasures he'll put this brave little mage through. "Demons worship me as well, woman. I'm what you might call a Hitchhiker in this world. I'm from…….Elsewhere."

The mage STILL didn't loose her courage, and the Demon-lord found his desire for her growing, "I don't care where your from!" The Demon smiled to himself, oh yes, a magnificent catch. She will be YEARS in the breaking.

He grabs the helpless queen and pulls her up, showing her to the mage, watching her scream at him helplessly, "You are NOT hurting GOLD while I have ANYTHING to say about it!"

With calculated cruelty he tosses the queen once more onto the bed, ""I am the Dread Lord, you don't stand a chance."

To his pleasure she actually defies him and throws a shield around the beaten queen, "I WILL! I am the granddaughter of a Chaos demon and a First Born Angel."

The demon was even more pleased. Chaos demons were powerful, and first born, when broken, they made the best slaves. So lovely, so vibrant, such a perfect beast to tame. It was time to push her farther over the edge, to make a mistake so he could claim her, "This coming from one who doesn't care where her opponent is from? Foolishness, it seems, runs in your veins as much as magic." He watches her move between himself and the queen. Oh yes, in deed, a true Alpha female moving to protect a member of her pack, and she doesn't see it. How rich, ""And I…..I am an incarnation of a being you cannot know. So…."He admires the fury in her eyes, the diamond determination to never yield, there…we…are."

The mage trembles in fury as she hears him chuckle, "As for angels?" His eyes glow green as he slowly stalks forward to the mage, studying her shields, "I've killed a few in the past."

To his surprise she actually laughs back, "I've been killed a….Few…times in the past. No big deal, I'll be back in 10-15 years better able to kill you!"

Now this was a surprise. She didn't fear death? This was something to test, "Really? And if I informed you that you're not the only being to die? I can feel your magics being what protects you girl Without them, you're nothing, aren't you?"

Her chin tilted up and her eyes blazed again with fury, "I've fought without them before, you will find I don't give up easily."

He circles her like a lion, yes she makes him hunger for conquest, her body so very soft, he will enjoy raping her like he will rape the queen, "Oh magess, I don't need to give up." Then to his surprise he feels holy magic ripping at his flesh, and he raises his forearm to block it off, she has a variety of magics, now this is interesting. He feels himself have to take a step back from the force of her power, hears her yell "Damn you!" and he can't help it, he smiles at her, to him this is a form of courtship, "Do it again."

He watches here as her eyes turn black as his heart, he can feel the air grow heavy, he extends his arm and unclenches his fist, showing her his rapidly healing flesh. The sky outside grows black as huge thunderheads roll in from nowhere. His best men had said there would be no storms today. He lets the mage watch as the green aura around him forces her arm to heal.

The mages smiles at him and suddenly he is thrown back violently, smashing into the ground, his body in pain, his breath caught in his throat, then to add insult to injure he can feel the ground under him come alive. The woman is an EARTH MAGE??? He thought true Earth-mages were extinct.

The demon started chanting, feeling her try to steal the very breath from his throat. She was impressing him greatly, he WOULD have her writhing under him, begging him to use her, to kill her, to rape her, to beat her. Anything he wanted. He speaks in his native tongue so old he doubts any remember it. Upon the power of that which is not, of the chaos and violence that feeds all life it's nature of death, I command these stones to reform to dust

He can feel the mage actually try to fight him, healer and earth mage a powerful combination indeed. If he actually cared if he lived or died he might even be worried.

He uses this as a chance to study her, as her will and strength are now focused on keeping his chaos from harming the actual substance of the world itself. And she has great skill in holding back chaos. She was wining more and more points to her survival. She was proving to be a challenging puzzle and he enjoyed a good challenge.

Suddenly the lines of the spell snap, the demon nods to himself and launches a vicious punch to her face, slamming her backward, amazingly she actually uses PHYSICAL shields as well as the others he sensed. Most mages are stupid and only think about magical attacks.

The Demon lets his power build trying to destroy the stones around the mage, to weaken her by forcing her to use her power to keep him from destroy the very floor under her feet. He mocks her to throw her off balance, "If you are so powerful, little girl, fight without the shields! Where is any pride you might have?"

The woman dares to laugh back at him, "I may have PRIDE, but I have BRAINS as well. If I took down my shields I'd be DEAD!"

When she says that his eyes start to sparkle once more with that alien power and something akin to….approval? "Oh no, little magess. Why would I kill the one I intend to break?"

The demon summons more of his power, feeling the magess in front of him calling on the sky once more, he knows now what to expect, then he feels her calling not only to air but to fire. A very well trained foe indeed. He speaks to her and the flames she calls softly, almost playfully, "Serve me, spirits of fire, and I will have you burn over things you have never…imagined…before."

The mage's eyes flair at him, he continues to study her shields. He notices how rocks and dust that are not going to hit her pass through, while anything that causes her harm……it stops cold. He meets her eyes, "Serve me only if you dare."

The woman in front of him circles hissing out, "Go to HELL!"

He laughs at her then. THAT is funny to him, "I've already been there. And the next time I go back I'm taking everyone you love with me."

The little mage scowls and sends another lightning bolt at the demon-lord, trying to find a weakness in his defenses, the bolts HURT him, but he refuses to stay down and she is tiring. He can see that. Her body is sweating and her clothes stick to her, oh yes, she's perfect.

He wants to see her flinch, to move as she does, so beautifully and he aims a vicious kick at her, watching how her shields react as well as how her body does. He watches the mage gather up the holy power. Though it cannot kill him, it does hurt him, still he needs to rattle her confidence. He has noticed her shields flex in strength with her mood and her focus.

He smiles at her, wanting to shake her, he watches as the Queen slowly creeps towards the door, "You know you can't beat me, little girl. You know it. Your precious purification magic works on those of your world and on those who are to be purified woman."

He watches her trembling body, her hands that seem now to shake with exhaustion, he can feel the slight tremor in the very ground as if it's trying to help her, and if she is half the earth-mage he expects her to be, it probably is.

"There was one who once said, long long ago…..'No good in him' And you can't beat me, I'm not of your world, use all the power you wish, I do not surrender nor cower."

For now the Demon ignores the queen as she tries to make it to the door, focusing instead on the mage in front of him. He's never had anyone challenge him so well since…..Since he created his vanguard a lifetime ago.

Even now, when the mage's body was trembling with exhaustion she fights him, her determination diamond hard, "I will defeat you, or die trying."

Now that wouldn't do for the Demon-Lord, this magess did not deserve death. She was to interesting to die, "I won't allow that. That would defeat the point of breaking you. Still, if you do die, your precious queen would be mine."

The mage charges then, trying to throw him off enough, motioning for Gold to escape, the queen takes her chances and throws open the door, running for her life, careless of the fact she's nude and that her friend is fighting for her life.

He suddenly smiles, a weakness, the mage's shields let the QUEEN pass through them. The mage's shields only defend her against someone who means her harm. Interesting and the skill needed to build such shields. He didn't think anyone in this pitiful mud-ball had the ability to develop such skill.

For now the Demon-Lord allows the queen to escape, it's not like she can get away from him. His men are everywhere. She will be quickly recaptured, besides this mage promises to be more interesting. "You'll never beat me, and you know it." He smiles as he sees despair in her eyes. She is realizing now that this is hopeless, yet she doesn't stop, she conjures a bow and fires off three arrows, the first two hurt like hell, but by the time she fires the third his body has adapted, though they still hurt, just not enough to throw him back.

He watches her as she pants, her breath now coming in short gasps, "Tell me, little girl, what's it like to breathe air as necessity?" His voice is calm and level he's barely worked up a sweat. He wonders what this woman would be like to fight if HE had had the training of her. She is good now, but uses to much power. If she knew how to get the most out of every drop of magic she had…..Oh how sweet the battle, like the OLD days.

When she doesn't answer him right away he smiles at her, "I rarely did it, while Elsewhere. Tell me little magess."

The mage shivers then, "It is a pleasurable enough sensation."

For some reason that makes him smile, "Good, then you'll get to feel a lot of it while you pant and whimper beneath me."

The mage screams, "NO!" And while the mage is distracted he throws a punch at her with one hand, watching her move instinctively in case her shields fail to stop it. Then he reaches out with the other and softly touches her hair, surprised when the gentle motion gets through even when he tried to hurt her just seconds before.

He moves swiftly then, grabbing the mages arms in both his hands he pulls her to him, kissing her then, tasting her, and something happens, a thin trickle of power from her. He hadn't yet started pulling any from her, where was it coming from. One hand reaches up to caress the back of her head and she makes a soft moaning sound and the flow of power increases.

He pulls back and looks at her, she is trembling in his arms her eyes wide with horror as he pins her arms behind her back with one hand and lets the other gently play with her breasts, watching her moan and squirm, trying to break free. She's nowhere near as strong as he is, and he can hear her soft moans of pleasure and discust.

"You can't beat me, especially now."

She tries desperately to get loose, "I can't give up, they need me, they depend on me."

He lets his hand move down her clothed body, touching her stomach, her thighs, between them, hearing her moan and squirm, so desperate, so very weak now. "Perhaps they deserve to be conquered, if they are so weak. They have used you, drained you nearly dry, I can feel the pain in your body, you are pushing yourself past your limits are you not?"

The mage looks at him, her eyes wide with pure terror now, her struggles growing even more desperate as he pulls her hard against him. His lips finding her neck and gently kissing and licking, "You want the pain to stop don't you." He can feel her body saying yes as her struggles slow, "I don't ask much. Surrender to your destiny then. I will conquer this world, You know it, Gold knows it. You will then serve me."

He nibbles then on her ear, breathing softly into it, feeling her shiver and moan, he whispers softly to her, "In truth, you'll just be getting ahead of the game."

The mage tries again to pull away, "My Honor is all I have left. I will not break my word."

The demon lets his hands slide down to her arms and looks at her for a moment, She's so beautiful like this, helpless, her body hot and cold from his touch. And he kisses her then, tenderly yet fiercely, the green aura and her own gold glow still battling, yet he knows his will win.

And this time there is more power, he realizes the mage before him is something special, pleasure to power, and he can tap it with a kiss, and he drains it, holding the kiss until she's moaning in bliss, helpless in his arms. He can feel her shock, her shields finally going down completely. One hand goes down to her knee, drawing her leg around his waist, kissing her hungrily, drinking in her power. Oh how sweet that power tastes.

He drains that power dry, but wants to know more of her power, he bares his fangs and without warning he sinks them into her neck, biting down, but so very carefully, just barely enough to draw a slight trickle of her blood, the barest of tastes. And even that is sweet. And her magics, healing so powerful even HE could never suck it dry, earth-magic a god would envy, purification, chaos, high, divine, priestly, demonic, angelic, more. The woman is a cornucopia of power for him to feed off of.

He can hear the mage moan, her hands still trying to shove him away, even as he tears her clothes off. He has to have her, to bring her to her peak to see what her pleasure-power will do when her body is forced to orgasm for him helplessly, "Yield mage. You can feel this, this is how your life can be…" then he viciously digs his fingers into the flesh of her thighs, hearing her moan in pain, "Or…..Fell how much PAIN there might be, if you fight on."

He lets her feel the pain for a few more seconds then switches back to pleasure, caressing the flesh he bares as he rips her clothes off her, "Choose." And he suckles at her neck, kisses her lips, draining her, drinking her like fine wine.

The mage trembles now in his arms, as he forces her to her Queen's bed, ready to ravish her, to make her scream in bliss and agony at the same time, "To keep my word, or to enjoy this unholy bliss. To endure the contempt of the court for being low born, or to be nothing more than your toy!"

He pulls back for a moment, studying her and hearing the contempt and pain in her voice, "Choose the bliss, woman. It will make your life permanently easier in my empire."

She looks then deep into the demon-lord's eyes, and finally looks away, "Oh gods, I can't do this, but I want you."

He smiles, drinking from her steadily, his hands bringing her body to fever pitch, he can smell her need, her desire like a fine perfume. "And you will get it, as my slave." And he enters her then, forcing himself deep inside her, listening to her cry out as he plunders her body. "Power and pleasure Magess. Power and pleasure. If you choose me, this is what you will get. Be your Queen's friend and companion, not just a Cold Warrior. Serve her by not causing more pain by fighting me."

He ravishes her slowly, taking his time making the woman scream in bliss, in shame. He drinks the power feeling it double with her first orgasm, quadruple with her second, and it keeps doubling every time he pushes her over the edge. Finally the mage collapses under him, totally drained and exhausted.

He pushes himself up and looks around the room. There battle left the place torn, the floor in chunks the walls burnt and battered. With a thought he summons up one of his lieutenants. "Take the magess here and put her in my most comfortable cell. I wish to have more sport with her….later. And no one but me is to touch her, is that understood."

The man nods, "Yes My Lord." And he bundles up the battered and naked woman.

"Oh, and bring Queen Gold to me, you did catch here did you not?"

"OH yes my lord, before she got more than 30 feet from the door."

"That is good."