"Nike is her name remember it

Go go go

Deadlier then any girl on any world."

The Misfits (Nike A-GO-GO)

She had managed to do it again; she just had to have gone to this rich stuff place. Sure they had every book in the world, but what the hell did it matter learning was for her friend who was also being held at gunpoint by three ugly fat lizard like librarians. More correctly three fat giant lizard like aliens that just happened to be librarians, and armed.

Of course hold your hands up in the air and feeling like a convict always left a giddy feeling, and the giddy feeling was nice seeing as the last four hours had been filled with mumbo jumbo.

Nike grinned, in a few minutes she would break in the faces of all opposing her, but now was time to let them have their fun and do a little recap.

See her friend here, John wanted to patent one of his inventions and search around for books, what better place then here. Being a first timer around here he was surprised when he found the dull brown shelves and stuffy legal lizards, he didn't let this slow his ambition though. (As a note take notice that lots of bad things and disappointments happen to John, after all that is a cursed name, which is outlawed in three different galaxies.)

Long story short John came and tried to patent his precious automatic laser shotgun (brief interlude for fanboys to fantasize about that weapon) and after waiting long enough beside him as he dealt with legal drudgery she simply snapped.

Hell she is in fact Nike the deadliest girl ever what did you expect her to do? After roughing up a few of the locals she decided she didn't want to hurt them and made a grade A escape with John.

Unfortunately John had left his schematics for the laser shotgun there and they had to come back for them.

And they ended up here. Nike chuckled a little, time for diplomacy was over.

"Alright I am going to count to three for all of you to run away, then you are all fair game." She said.

"We told you to leave and never come back, now we are going to arrest you. Stupid zethan." One of the fat lizards spoke the words flapping off of it's tongue past it's thick yellow lips.

The lizard next to it turned his black Liberian's robes flapping behind him, "Do you not know who she is?" It said. "She is Nike, criminal, thrill seeker, and all around not nice person wanted on 98 worlds already. She claims to be the deadliest female in existence."

Nike listened to them banter for a little and then interrupted. "1."

The second and third lizard looked frightened then turned to the other to continue reasoning.

"She is named after the goddess of victory, and is believed to be the very aspect of the deity herself. We can just peacefully give her what she wants then run."

Nike chuckled a little and one of the lizards wet itself, "2."

The two smart lizards ran away dropping their weapon.


Things like this always seemed to happen so fast, the lizard fired a bolt of energy and Nike took evasive action easily avoiding the poorly aimed shot she ran in a swerving pattern to the lizard and grappled with it.

The lizard dropped it's weapon and let out a startled squeak as it's neck snapped under the pressure of Nike's capable hands.

Nike walked over to the desk covered in unfinished paperwork sorted through some of it until she arrived upon the very thick packet called simply. "John's blueprints."

She picked them up and walked over to John handing them to him.

He gave a grunt of gratitude and after checking to make everything was there he turned to Nike.

"Never a dull moment with you."

(Author's notes)

Well folks I hope you enjoyed the first chapter it is different then what I typically write and I am glad for the change of pace.

I enjoy writing sci-fi but unfortunately most of my sci-fi stories were lost or stolen so I am back to square one with this one, anyway it is intentionally quite campy and I hope you find that as enjoyable as I do.

The ideas for the main characters, well…. Are a bunch of odd random associations, I have always had a thing for goddess Nike (meant non-sexually of course) and for some odd reason I have associated this particular goddess with no arms for various reasons symbolic and mundane alike.

While studying the Greek myths I thought that they would be totally awesome if animated as a techno punk TV show and pictured cyborg nymphs which led to the thought process of hey Nike could get cyborg arms!!

Then the Misfits song Nike a Go-Go gave me some more spontaneous imagery including the really damn catchy title, Deadlier then any girl on any world.

Composition of all of these things in my mind together created this story, no questions asked.