The most precious thing we have,


All wasted by the lives we live

The more we do the more we are stripped

Stripped of our most precious thing

People say children are our most precious resource

Children are not

Innocence is

Children waste what they have

Use it to their advantage

Quickly using it up at this expense

They figure out how to mold it to their doings

They grow up

They learn

Through this they lose their innocence

That spark in their pure eyes

People call it growing up

I call it losing happiness

Ignorance is bliss I say

If you don't know it is there then how can you worry?

How can you be scared or afraid of nothing?

How can you be mad or sad

At something that doesn't exist?

Children grow up

That small cute girl down your street

The one who would always smile and skip

The one who had not a care in the world

You see her now

The girl who scares her parents

The one who wears black and lies on the roof looking at the stars

Not saying a word to a soul

None but her own

Feeling that there is something missing

Its not love

Not things

Not any thing that can be had again


It cannot be given

Just taken

The ticket to bliss

If I died without knowing the horrors of the world

Then my life would have been a great one

One that many would sell their souls for

The ticket to happiness

Is Innocence

The day I lost my Innocence was the day I was damned