"I cry myself to sleep from another pointless fight

Collapse in the shower and let the

Water wash away these tears,

This pain,

As my heart ever-breaks.

Bloody knuckle, cracked bathroom tile

Smear these words across the wall

Upside down smile upon my face

Love's fool?

Sigh, while Anna sings me to lost hopefulness;

'And breathe, just breathe'

And that ring glitters

Oh, how it shines on this catalyst's hand,

As it sings too,

At five AM

Lying on your little brother's bed

Clutching the pillow you wished so desperately was me.

Will these letters of confession be enough?

In my head they are so much more

Because then,

It's in your voice, baby, and

That a great place to start."

7/1/2005 11:35pm