"He's sitting on his roof again

Wonderin' why he can't make her face disappear

When he closes his eyes.

And he's wishin' he didn't love her so damn much;

That she'd put that cigarette out

And join him up there,

But she doesn't.

Now he's one step closer to a different eternity.

She's sitting on his bathroom sink again

While her girlfriend's on the phone

Not blind to the unshed tears.

And she's wishin' love was enough to keep him here;

That he'd come back inside

And just hold her like he used to,

But he doesn't.

Now she's one step closer to losing her mind.

They're sitting in the car again

The radio blasting out the silence

Speeding down the highway.

And they're wishin' it didn't have to be this hard;

That they could stop yelling

And be alive like before,

But they don't.

Now they're one step closer to goodbye."

7/2/2005 12:10pm