"'Come home soon,'

He hears it as she slips away;

Over these miles of separation

He can still feel it every time she breaks down

Knowing that

The tears that slide across his cheek are not his own.

She'll throw things, like she always does,

Scream at no one because the house is empty

Save for her music,

Slow and saddening to fit this moment.

She'll contemplate the blade

But remember her words to him

Promises amidst passion,

But promises just the same.

So she'll hide out in her room

Surrounded by pictures and

'Fast Cars and Freedom'

Since that song reminds her of so much

Like that longing look

And his kiss beside the old blue Nova.

Then something will strike that one chord,

That tender heartstring linked to

Her smile

And he'll feel the warmth as

She dries her eyes


Because he knows her every move

Before she even thinks it.

She'll crawl into bed,

Almost laughing at the memory

Of some funny face or

Him tapping on her window at 3AM,

And he'll hear her prayer

Of love and

Of hope:

'Come home soon.' "

10:55pm 7/18/2005