By: Kiko Ayumi

Chapter 1 - Shibo

"Hey Kiko! Vodka on rocks please!" A woman exclaimed, her bright green eyes switching colors as the lights around them changed. Music blasted through the whole place as many danced on the dance floor.

"Coming right up, Miko!" Another woman exclaimed, putting a white apron over her cocktail dress, which was identical to Miko's. Kiko quickly threw ice into a glass and poured Vodka in it, sliding it down the bar toward Miko. Miko grabbed it, stopping its slide, and handed it to the man in front of her with a slight smile.

"Here you go sir. Enjoy," Miko stated. Kiko walked over to her, bringing her hands up in her hair and loosening the bun in it, sending a wave of sea green cascading down her shoulders.

"When is our break anyway? We've been out here pretty long, don't you think?" Kiko asked, seeming a bit bored. Miko smiled and shook her head.

"You always want a break, don't you?" Miko asked. Someone else sat at the bar and Kiko walked away to take care of him. Miko propped her elbows up on the bar and stared out at the people dancing to the music.

The club was hot… in many ways. It had been Kiko and hers best job yet. Being best friends since as long as they could remember, they did everything together… and that included getting the same jobs. But here… this is where they wanted to stay. 'Though…' Miko thought, tugging on her black cocktail dress and frowning, 'they didn't have to make these skirts so damn short!' Her eyes darted to the front doors when they opened, revealing three guys walking into the club. Miko lightly frowned. She'd definitely seen them around… always causing trouble in the club. Other than that, she didn't know them all too well, but she had heard from many sources that they were part of a gang simply called Shibo. And Shibo was definitely not a gang you messed with… or you ended up being found dead in a ditch somewhere. Hell, the name Shibo translated meant death!

Miko was a little surprised when she saw the leader of their group, whom she had heard was named Chrono, walk up and sit at the bar. Shibo had never actually come to the club just to hang… they were always there for a reason. Shaking her head, Miko put on a small smile and walked in front of him, lightly flicking her dark black hair back.

"What can I get you?" Miko asked, lightly tapping her fingers on the bar. The man in front of her gazed at her… his crimson eyes seeming to quickly look her over. Miko shivered at his gaze. His eyes seemed so… cold.

"Tequila. With lime and salt," he spoke, never taking his gaze off her. Miko mindlessly nodded, shaking her head a bit and looking back to yell at Kiko to get it. She blinked… and blinked again. 'Kiko left me alone on this shift?! Damn that girl!' Miko exclaimed in her mind. Sighing, Miko went to get the drink herself, making sure to place enough salt on the rim of the glass. Going back to him in record time, she slid it to him.

"There you go," Miko stated. Miko lowly laughed nervously as she saw his gaze still on her. 'This guy is creeping me out.' Miko concluded.

"Been working here long?" He asked out of the blue. Miko almost jumped and eyed him.

"Just for about a month," she answered plainly, turning to watch everyone dance again as a song came on with a fast beat. He followed her gaze and smirked.

"Want to dance?" He asked, a little seductiveness thrown into his voice. Miko blinked and turned to him.

"Excuse me?" Miko asked. He shrugged, a cocky smile gracing his lips.

"You seem to like the dancing," he said.

"I like other things better," Miko said, slightly frowning and whipping the counter off. He just smirked again, standing up and leaning over the bar a bit, coming close to her face.

"Bet you'd like me best, huh?" He asked in a low voice. Miko's eyes widened as her cheeks became red.

"Bastard!" Miko screeched, bringing her fist up and hitting him across the face on instinct. The other two members from Shibo, who had seen this act, narrowed their eyes dangerously and walked over to the scene.

"You alright Chrono?" One of them asked, throwing a death glare at Miko. Chrono lightly rubbed his cheek… where a good-sized red mark was. His eyes glared into Miko's as if he could see straight through her… and they weren't very happy.

Almost as fast as lightning, Miko saw a gun pointing at her forehead and lightly stepped back, her eyes widening. Many on-lookers at the bar and on the dance floor stopped to look at the scene with scared eyes. Chrono held the silver gun up to her head, letting the cold metal just slightly touch her warm skin. His gaze still never left her… snow white bangs gently falling over his eyes. If he weren't currently pointing a gun at her head… Miko might have considered him hot!

"Listen bitch… I don't really appreciate being punched. Especially not by some damn girl," Chrono said, almost in a growl. Miko slowly glared at him, still not moving an inch. 'Always starting trouble in here.' Miko almost joked in her mind.

"Do you know who I am?" Chrono asked, pushing the gun a little closer to her skin. Miko frowned.

"Yeah… you're the leader of the gang Shibo. And… for your information, I don't really appreciate you holding a gun to my head," Miko shot back, mocking what he had said earlier. She lightly gulped after saying that. 'Damn… I'm too stubborn. My life is being threatened and all I can do is mock the person who could end it!' Miko screamed in her mind, but outside, her face remained emotionless. Chrono blinked, seemingly surprised for a mere second.

"You little bitch!" A member exclaimed, reaching for his gun. Chrono quickly changed the gun's direction and shot at the floor… barely missing the guy trying to pull his gun out. The guy froze automatically, scared by the sudden gunshot. Everyone in the club froze, looking over at them. The DJ stopped the music. All was silent as they watched the gun lightly smoke. Those crimson eyes turned to look into Miko's again. Though it was only mere seconds that he looked into her bright green eyes, it seemed like hours to Miko.

"Let's go," Chrono said suddenly, spinning his gun on his finger before putting it away. The three walked out without another word. As soon as they were gone, Kiko came running out from the back room.

"Miko!? Are you alright!?" Kiko exclaimed, freaking out. Miko was shaking a little bit, but she nodded.

"Yeah. I'm fine," Miko said, giving her friend a smile. The DJ soon started the music up again and everyone went on like nothing happened. Living with gangs around all the time; acts like this were normal. Miko walked around the bar to observe the hole in the floor made by the gunshot. 'Damn… I sure hope I never see him again!' Miko thought, frowning.