"Spiral of Indecision"
E.M. Hunton

Crash down
upside down
spinning me—round and round
stop. go. stop. go. go. stop.
don't run
hope is on the horizon
reach out, take hold
let go, of control
let go. go. go. go.

Thoughts spinning, turning, whirring
can't focus. focus. focus.
which way
which path
which set of consequences.

Over and over and over
pain? yes, everywhere.
eyes constantly on verge of tears
if I would let myself feel it
I would find myself weeping

Glorification. God be glorified.
Shine. illuminate. shatter.
overcome. overcome. overcome.
guard my mind
let me see your face

stop. go. go. stop. STOP. go.
fickle, fickle, fickle.
make up your mind already.

God, you are here.
I don't understand
I'm spiraling, twisting, turning
but praising you all the same.