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Some people said it was a mistake she was the way she was. Others just said she was a mistake. Of course no one really knew. She didn't tell them. She didn't even come down from her far-away hidden home. Not that they missed her.

"She would kill you as soon as look at you," an older sister practically yelled. She had a weak hold on the arm of her younger, but not so young, brother.

"Shhh… Everyone will hear you," he whispered as he bent down to pick up his pack. A twig snapping caused him to freeze, and then to slowly rise, staring her right in the eyes.

"Your eyes are blue, brother. You aren't scared that someone else heard. You are too determined to go. I hope you stay safe," the older sister, holding a piece of a stick in each hand, thought.

"I need to see for myself if these stories are true."

"And what if they are? Am I going to get a letter saying, 'Your brother's dead, but just to let you know the stories are true,'" she countered with. She watched as his eyes, still a clear blue, roamed the forest. There was no arguing with him now. He wasn't going to listen to reason. For once in her life she wished that his eyes would turn that sea-green that would mean he was going to joke around with her. But his mood revealing eyes stayed blue.

"Hmmm…," he muttered, distracted by thoughts of wanting to be off, "I wouldn't think you would get a letter. Who ever would deliver it?"

A soft smack on the head brought his attention back to the present. "That isn't the point. The point is that this is dangerous and foolish. Can't you just stay home?" she pleaded to no result.

"But really, how would you expect her to send a letter," he persisted.

"Tarak Varian Matthias—"

"Don't you go pulling my whole name on me just for asking that question."

"You are so annoying. Maybe she would send it by magic, okay?" throwing up her hands in defeat she continued, "Just be careful. I love you."

Turning back around to her, Tarak softly whispered, "I will. I love you too," for what he well knew may be the last time. Without waiting for anything more he just faced the forest and started walking. It didn't matter in what direction he went as long as it was away from the town for he didn't really know where he was going. A full moon was out, giving him a lighted path without having to waste batteries, but it was also a bad omen. The full moon was said to be when the sorceress worked her biggest spells; and his leaving might just be one of them.