Leave Me---

Do the tears on the page speak for you?
Does the fear in my eyes show you proof?
I am afraid of everything you are
And I am scared to let anyone in my heart

I don't want to be touched by poison
I don't want my eyes to look at the sun
I hide behind the devil's lost angels
And cry my tears which cast his intimate spells

I watch the rain fall from the clouds above
But I don't see rain because I see blood
Blood from the wrists of my broken, lost soul
Calling you; screaming at you "Leave me alone"

Anguish and betrayel still lives here
And my broken heart still speaks my fears
Leave me alone; leave me here in the dark
Where I can pray; pray for another start

Beating me, decieving me, hear my cries
In the dungeon of my insane mind
Raping me of my lost innocence
What's life worth, what has my life ever meant?

Crying my tears of this utter despair
Crying alone in the darkened lair
Leave me encased in my blackened grave
Leave me in here; don't create anymore pain