Lady Death Sang To Me

By Wesley Smith

Death sang a sweet song.

Her lovely melodies enchanting me,

With promises of serenity.

A promise she swore to keep.

The blackest winter moon beckoned her

The wind of the night filled with her voice

The sweet, sweet soprano of Lady Death

Calling my name.

She lured me out of my home,

I followed her voice into the dark woods.

The vines were laced with thorns sharp as a knight's sword,

The moon peering out of the naked branches.

My feet tread through the snow,
I saw footsteps of others,

being filled up with virgin snowflakes.

I wondered how many have been here before.

I was cold, as the ghosts of those who traveled before me, must have been.

I wanted to lay down upon the snow and sleep

Under the blackest winter moon.

To sleep with her song filling my ears.

But I kept on, something in my soul had to see,

The origin of this beautiful voice.

So I continued to trudge through those woods,

My footsteps marking my journey through the snow.

The end of the woods was in sight,

And as I neared the end.

I saw her silhouette standing atop of hill.

Under the ethereal moon.

I came closer and closer,

And as I moved the moon shined brighter and brighter.

As I neared the hill I could see the beauty

Of lady death.

Her hair was long, black, and flowing,

Her eyes were a brilliant shade of crimson.

Her body was radiant in her nakedness,

Her mouth shaped into a deep smile.

As I climbed atop the hill, her song stopped.

She stared right into my soul.

Her beauty mesmerized me,

yet I resisted the urge to kiss her, to embrace her.

She spoke to me in the most lovely voice,

"Hello, I'm glad you can see me,

not many make it through the woods.

I'll sing just for you."

And then her majestic voice began to form the notes,

So the most beautiful song my ears have ever heard.

Her red eyes gleaming, the snow falling upon both of us,

On that hill under the ethereal moon.

We stood there for an eternity under the ethereal moon.

Her angelic voice gently kissing my ears.

Her loveliness under my astonished gaze.

As the snow tenderly caressed us.

The lovely song came to an end,

She looked upon me and asked, "Do you feel lonely?"

I replied that I didn't know, her answer was,

"Nobody is ever lonely in my arms."

Her crimson eyes gleaming, her naked body showing no sign of shake,

She grabbed my soul and clutched it between her slider fingers.

"Do you feel sleepy?" she asked, "The world can make you tired."

"In my arms nobody ever has to sleep."

"Would you kiss me?"

The words echoed in my soul.

I looked upon her and neared her.

I placed my lips against her's.

Her kiss tasted like ashes,

Her breath like sulfur,

When I touched her she felt very cold.

Colder than the snow, falling gently around us.

Her eyes shimmered as the moon turned red.

Then began to eclipse,

I grew frightened and wished to leave

She held my hand, and beckoned me to stay.

"You'll be forever happy with me," she said.

"You'll never be sleepy again," she said

"You soul will never be lonely with me," she said.

"Please stay here with me forever….forever and ever."

I took flight, the moon began to eclipse.

A great darkness overtook the land.

Darker than the blackest December night

Darker than I have ever seen.

Lady Death laughed and her voice became horse and shrill

Her visage turned hideous, her skin became scaly

Her hair into rotten, burning thread.

Her face contorted, yet her eyes remaining that same shade of crimson.

I ran and I ran. Down the hill, and into the foods.

"Forever and ever."

Her voice was horrible.

"Forever and Ever, my dear."

I ran through the forest,

Complete darkness overcame the land.

I ran as fast as my legs could carry me

Through the darkest forest.

I became tired and weary,

But I kept steadfast as I made my exit through the forest.

A sigh of relief overcame me as I came upon my home.

I went inside and shut the door.

When I woke up, the sun greeted me with a smile.

I went outside and bathed in the sunlight.

My encounter with darkness was at a close.

And I laughed, as the rays warmed me.