Have you ever felt like you don't know anything,

its an empty little space that just won't go away,

when you try to ignore it but it starts throbbing,

well I want to scream it out but it just doesn't work,

you try to cry it out but that doesn't work either,

so when you finally give up, it throbs even more,

and you can't cry and you can't scream,

you start feeling like your about to suffocate but it doesn't go away.

yet It won't go away and weeks pass, with the it getting worse,

you try everything, and you just give up, the sadness is still there,

and the emptiness has consumed me so I feel like this big black void in the way of everything,

I try to talk but only half truths come out..

I start walking about trying to figure out why it won't just away.

I look at everybody and wonder how they do it,

keep the smile on there face, and you look at someone that happy and you feel like crying,

and I just turn away because the void keeps growing,

I don't know what this is but if it doesn't go away,

I don't know what going to happen.