Re-enter the Prince

Re-enter the prince
On his shining white horse.
He's here to rescue
The princess of course.

With her shining long hair,
And bright, cheerful eyes.
Whether locked in a tower
Or cleaning up sties.

But the girl he's found
No longer believes
The things she's left
In her childhood dreams.

Hair still shining
But her smile has faded,
Her eyes are sad,
Left cold and jaded.

Oh to make
Her believe once more,
The wonders she hides
Deep in her core.

And the prince still rides,
The stallion's still shining,
The horizon's still pink,
And the sun is still rising.

He sits on her steps,
Eyes set on her lock,
Above where
The welcome mat mocks.

The window shows
A fearless stranger,
She cowers from
The nameless danger.

To realize his only
Danger is dreams
Of what every child
undoubtedly believes.

The path of the hopeful
and life of the free
The silly, foreign concept
That anything can be.