Another death today
Won't be reported till next week
Another speech to say
No backing off the war machine
I hear those maxims not forgot
Recycled from good ol' Vietnam
Some puppet-playing and side-stepping
Doesn't make the US less domineering

A presumptuous assessment
Damn I'm getting used to it
Mass deaths aren't relevant
Success is measured in narrow achievement
Polls are a concern in the states
Inferior to back-stride in the Middle East
At least even the politicians know
Americans don't want to be involved!

I don't want to fondle Iraq
I don't wanna' mess
Bush didn't solve any problem
But did the opposite

Proven convicts of farce
Get the freedom medal
Downing Street showed Bush is FULL OF SHIT
He upped the ante and called it anachronistic
Cheney tells us "Duhh, no more insurgents"
While they breed 'cause oil shortages
Power shortfalls and IEDs
The conception of imposed democracy

Escalated number of dead
Rightfully attributed to us
Many more years before we see
Hindered progress or bust

Got power problems man?
Call up Wolfowitz
Send troops to destroy civilizations
And make damn sure you don't repent
Just fail and further goad the plight
Further force international strife
Watch unnecessity blow up in your face real bad
Watch the world cry in unison
"Your brazen lies don't amount to anything
You've fucked over Iraq!"