1 week left

1 week till agony resumes,

1 week till it all goes bad,

1 week left till it all goes wrong,

Can you explain to me?

Why 1 week is all I ever need,

To spoil days of like and love,

Why after just 1 week,

Agony resumes and the pain and havoc reek,

After just one week,

All time gone and anger leaked

Can anyone tell me why?

All this time just after just 1 week

All my time has failed to see

All this effort has been binned and shredded

Just 1 week seems to spoil it all

1 week left to rise then fall

Don't spoil I week when its all so good

Don't ruin the time when no fear is reached Please after all this time

1 week is left with no wasted lives

1-week left and shallow heart remain

1 week left and nothing more to gain

1 week left nothing more to express

Just like to say

I have 1 week left

Shallow Hearts

Im not gonna be the shallow one

Im not giving up my fight

Im not gonna worry bout my hair

Im not the shallow one

Please just see me for me

Look in the mirror what do you see

A shallow girl with nothing more to learn

I see the face of every pop star reflected in your eyes

But your soul is as shallow as theirs

Can't you be a little less fake?

And realise where we all are

We're not in the Eurovision by the way

We're at school and your making it hell

Look at everyone around

Does it look like there having fun?

Putting them down has been overdone

Please just say you can see that they care

Don't say you are blind to see

Each of these people souls hates thee

Do you know where we are?

Not at your house

We're at school btw and your making it hell#

Not asking you to change

Just if you are gonna be fake

Just please go away