"Raina, you look beautiful." Kander beamed at her. She glared at him, and smiled at the same time. She glanced into the full length mirrors behind her. It wasn't a lie. She felt beautiful. She had bought the most perfect dress. It hugged her in all the right places, and gently fell down to her feet in a silky sort of rush. It was more of an ivory than a white, but that was fine. It was her own strapless beauty. Kander stared at her.

"Yeah, yeah." She agreed. "And you look good too. Can you believe this?"

"Believe what?" He asked, and straightened his tuxedo jacket. "That I'm getting married? Oh yeah. That you're getting married? Yeah. That we're doing it on the same day in the same place? Not really."

"I just can't believe the bastard went through with a wedding at all." She mumbled. "Him? In a tux? Looking formal for some sort of mushy, romantic thing? Yeah right. I'll bet he won't even have a shirt on."

"Not that you'd mind." Kander retorted.

"I can't believe I'm marrying in the first place. And I don't even know what to think about marrying him."

"Be happy?" He suggested. "You're marrying for love."

"I don't love him." She hissed at Kander.

"So why are you marrying him? He asked you like…three months ago, Raina. It's not like you didn't have time to back out."

"I told you already. He won." She blushed a bit, remembering exactly how he had won in the first place. She didn't have a choice but to finally give up. She wouldn't have been able to take any more from him.

"Oh, don't give me that shit!" Kander said, looking at her pointedly. He grinned more, and hopped excitedly in front of her. "I want to know the real reason."

"I just told you." She said, getting annoyed. "He won. Damn, Kander. I don't love him. I just want to get this whole thing over with."

"You're dooming your life with one man forever because you don't love him? Because he made you feel hot for an hour or two?"

"Oh, you wouldn't understand." She said, and rolled her eyes. "It's not like you and Rina. You two are always all over each other, and I know you love each other. Though, really, I don't know how you can love a ditzy bitch like that."

"Raina…" Kander warned.

"Alright, I'll stop talking bad about her. I can't say anything good about her. Well, she's got nice boobs, but that's about it. She's just so…alright, I'll stop."

"You love him, though." He insisted. "You have to! How could you marry someone and not love him? I just…don't understand."

"You wouldn't." She agreed. "It's not about love."

"Marriage!" He insisted. "Marriage is everything to do with love."

"It's not this time. I mean, seriously, Kander. I could never love him, okay? Ever. I already told you my deep dark secret about him. Isn't that enough? I mean, obviously I can't hate him. Not with his blood in me, but…I don't love him. I never could."

"His blood doesn't control your feelings, Raina." He pointed out. "I told you that before too. Just because you have his blood in you doesn't mean you all of a sudden can't hate him. I know this for a fact. Trust me, I've been vampire all my life."

"Oh, shut up, Kander." She hissed at him. "His blood does control emotions to a point. You've never been any sort of changed, so--"

"Raina. Listen, okay? He loves you. You can't change a girl without knowing that you love her. That's why I would never have been able to change you. Even when I thought that I loved you, my heart knew otherwise. I would never be able to change you because of that. But Normrak did. Because he loves you!"

"Oh, whatever." Raina said, tired of arguing. "I don't care, okay, Kander? I don't love him. The feeling is mutual. It's all good. We're marrying because I lost and he won. It's not like he'll be 'faithful' or whatever. It's not like I expect him to."

"Oh, Raina!" He said, exasperated. "He's never done anything with any sort of girl. Well. Maybe he has a few times, but he spends his time killing them. Except for you. You completely changed up the routine, and I'll have you know that you were immediately famous. Believe it or not, there's not many people in our world that don't know your name. And how you, bravely, conquered the killer. I'm being serious."

"Will you stop, already?" She hissed. "I didn't 'conquer' him or whatever. If I did, we wouldn't be marrying."

"Or would you?"

"No. I wouldn't. I don't want to marry him. But it's just…I lost."

"Well. I don't believe you." Kander said, determined. God, he was getting annoying. Maybe if she punched him hard enough…wait. Where did that come from? Damn Normrak…Kander grinned.

"Come on Raina, we all know that you two love each other. I'll bet you two have never even said the 'l' word before. Give me a break."

"Well, Sherlock, no shit we haven't said the 'l' word. We don't love each other. Why bother pretending?"

"Really? Then how do you explain all those hot little things you felt when he kissed you?"
"We were caught up in a heated moment. Of course it'll be hot. I mean, what do you feel when you kiss Rina? Comfort, love, and crap. I just feel…well…" She blushed. "lust I guess."

"Ha!" Kander said, and let his hand rest across her cheek. "Do you remember when I kissed you?"

"Uh, yeah. How could I forget?" She said, and felt her blush grow deeper. She was never comfortable talking to Kander about their brief 'past'. Okay, maybe she still thought he was cute, but whatever.

"Well, what did you feel with me?"

"Well, I don't know. I don't want to talk about this."

"Too bad."

"Fine, I felt…um. I don't know what I felt, okay? I felt you and me. That's all." She hissed at him, her eyes ever glaring into his own. "And maybe it was nice. Maybe I liked it, but it doesn't matter, okay?"
"And which felt better, Raina?" He said, and his lips curled into a sort of smirk. "Me? Or Normrak? And don't try to protect my ego."

"Honestly, Kander, I don't care." She responded, and he grinned, and dug his fingers into her side. She laughed, and was glad that the serious mood was broken.

"Yes you do!" He squealed. "He felt better, and he didn't even go as far as I did!"

"Okay, fine. Maybe, but what's that matter?"

"We were in a pretty heated moment too, if I remember right."

"Um. Maybe, but who cares?"

"So, our heated moment, and yours and Normrak's heated moment don't even compare. Just like our heated moment and mine and Rina's. Raina, stop blushing. It happened a while back. It doesn't even mean anything anymore, so I don't know why you make a big deal out of it."

She felt kind of hurt. He could dismiss her so easily.

"Oh, Raina. You know I love you." He said, and kissed her forehead. "You're a great friend."

"So are you, even though you can be so fucking stupid sometimes." She agreed.

"Stop it. You know you love him." He grinned.

"Oh, baby!" Raina felt like puking now. Rina's syrupy voice was dripping with some sort of high pitched crap.

"Hey, Rina." He said, and scooped her up into his arms. Her dress was low cut (surprise, surprise), and the back went way too low, in Raina's opinion. How anyone could get away with being so slutty in a wedding dress was beyond her. When the two started kissing, Raina held back a gag.

"Don't you two know that seeing each other before the wedding is bad luck?"

"Guess what?" Rina hissed at her, pulling away from Kander for a moment. "I don't give a shit."

"Alright. You want to doom your relationship, then fine." She secretly wished that Rina would drop dead. Okay, maybe not so secretly. Rina began to drag Kander off, for a quickie before the wedding, Raina supposed. On the way out, Kander turned to her and winked.

"Don't forget what I said," He told her, and was dragged out of the room.

"Fuck you." She told him, but knew he wouldn't hear her. He was long gone before she could respond. For such a small, slutty little thing, Rina sure knew how to throw her weight around. Of course, all her weight came from up top.

"Bitch…" She muttered, and turned to a mirror to make sure her hair was perfect. She may not want to be married, but since she was going to anyway, she was damn sure that she'd be beautiful. She dreamed of this day since she was a child. Of course, she didn't dream that she would be marrying a emotionless murderer, but y'know. All those details.

As she pulled herself closer to the mirror the check out the details of her makeup (which, incidentally made her feel somewhat like a clown since there was so much of it), she jumped, seeing Normrak suddenly behind her. His hands found their way to her hips, more automatically than anything, she noted.

"What do you want?" She demanded, determined to ignore him. And the massive amount of heat coming from his body.

"Oh, nothing, love," He said, and tugged her body up against his. She stared in the mirror, and saw him meet her eyes in their reflection. Staring straight into the mirror, she watched him smirk and she saw (and felt) his hands run from her hips to her stomach. Fucking heat. "Maybe I was hoping to catch you nude."

She felt herself blush. Three months earlier, he had seen her without a shirt. She never let them get further than that. She was definitely not for the whole 'catching her nude' comment.

"Fuck you."

"Tonight, maybe." He agreed. She blushed deeper.

"What do you really want, Normrak?" She asked.

"Is it hard to believe that I might want you?" He muttered in her ear. He knew exactly what he was doing to her, and she knew that from his arrogant smirk and knowing look that he gave her via reflections. Before all of this, he would just hit her and physically abuse her to get her to feel like this. Now, all he did was suggest things, and touch her.

"You know what," She hissed, spinning around to keep his hands from traveling too much. She stared into his eyes, and saw the intensity that was always there, but the mirror couldn't reflect right. "I don't want to marry you."

"The feeling is mutual, dear." He said, and pressed their lips together. Fuck. She didn't feel like fighting him right now, but apparently, it didn't matter what she wanted. He was going to do it anyway. She pushed him away from her, roughly.

"Stop that!"

"Stop what, my love?" He smirked. Oh, he was such an asshole.

"That! Touching me, kissing me. Just stop. I don't love you. I hate you."

"The feeling is mutual, hun."

"What fucking feeling? It's been three months since you started saying that, you know. And you never tell me what the stupid 'feeling' is. Just own up to it and tell me you fucking love me, okay?" She stopped suddenly, her eyes widening and stared at him. Did she just say what she thought she said? Did she just tell him to say that he loved her? Damn her mouth. No, damn Kander for putting the idea in her head in the first place! Oh, just damn everything. Why take chances?

"Well, anyway." She forced herself to go on. "Just stop." She suddenly felt herself pressed up against the glass mirror behind her. She heard the glass crack, and was glad it didn't break and shatter into her skin. Crap, what was he going to do now? When she saw him draw back, as though he would hit her, she smirked. She wasn't as weak as she used to be. She ducked underneath his arm, and pushed him.

"Stop. You'll mess up my hair." She said, and he smirked back at her. Ah, now they were getting into the more familiar feel of things. She knew what he was going to say way before he said it.

"Do you think I care, love?"

"You should. How would you feel getting married to the chick with the most messed up hair in the world? Not so great. What a blow to your fragile ego." She told him, and spun to dodge a lazy punch thrown her way. He wasn't really trying to hurt her. If he was, she'd be hurt, and wouldn't have been able to dodge it so easily.

"Nothing about me is fragile, my dear."

"You're right." She agreed, and twirled again to dodge another half-attempt to land something on her. "Everything about you is fragile."

"Oh, dear." He muttered, and grabbed her, pulling her close.

"Shut up; don't you think you should get into your tux before the wedding? I don't want to marry a guy in jeans."

Normrak just smirked at her, and ran his hands down the sides of her dress. She felt heat rush up to her face, and pushed him.

"Stop." She demanded. "The wedding's soon."

Why wasn't he answering her, damn it? She jumped out of his arms, and spun around three times, finding herself behind him. With that, she grinned. Oh, he was going to get it now. She saw his beginning to quickly turn around, and she kicked his butt as hard as she could. She watched his stumble forward, and smirked at him when he turned around.

"You know what," She told him, making her way to him. "I'm not really sure what kind of game you're playing with me." He glared at her, and she grabbed the front of his shirt pushing him with all the strength she had. With some effort, she was able to force him into the mirror behind him with enough force to break it. She saw his eye twitch a tiny bit, and knew that he was bleeding.

"But," She said, looking him straight in the eye. "I'm pretty sure that I can win."

He spun her around, shoving her back into the shattered glass before it ever fell. When she felt about one hundred pieces of glass shoved into her back, she let out a little cry of pain. Shit. Now her dress was going to have blood on it!

"Normrak!" She hissed. Now she was really pissed off. That dress wasn't just expensive, but it looked great on her. And it was the most beautiful thing she'd ever owned. And he got blood on it! Oh, that bitch. She jumped away from the glass, and punched him. Her fist connected with his face, and she immediately brought it back to her. That kind of hurt. When he turned back around to her, she let herself kick him in the stomach. It didn't affect him. Oh shit. That meant that he was pissed. That meant no good for her.

"Crap." She muttered, and began running. She wasn't going to let him get her now. Any other day, and they would have fought it out like normal. He was still stronger than her, but she was so much stronger than she used to be. As in, she and he could actually fight and she wouldn't lose within the first few punches. Of course, she was nowhere near his strength - no one was, really. So she would lose. But he never made her pass out anymore. When she was close to passing out, he would scoop her up and have his way. Kiss her until she made him stop. But today, she didn't want her dress getting anymore messy than it already was. Of course, he was faster than her too…

She was sure that he was enjoying the chase too. Fucking sick bastard.

"Oh, just leave me alone!" She yelled at Normrak, who was just jogging behind her. He hadn't caught her yet because he wanted to tease her, that bastard. He jogged next to her.

"And ruin all the fun of seeing you bleed, my love?"

"Oh yeah, now you talk." She growled at him. She suddenly stopped running. She gave up. "Just don't ruin my dress anymore, okay?"

She was in a room full of mirrors now. The last room had two full length mirrors. This room's walls was all mirrors. She saw the back of her dress. There was no glass. No blood. What the fuck? Oh, Normrak and his mind games! She glared over at him as he completed the last two strides to get to her. She spun around him, and saw real glass stuck inside him. Touching him, she felt his muscles clench when she was over the glass pieces. Immediately, she began plucking them out for him. What use is a bleeding groom?

As she completed her task, and ran her hands down his back one more time, she tore off his shirt if only to see the extent of the damage. There was no sign of cuts, except for his blood which had seeped out. He'd healed already.

"Like what you see?" He smirked at her through a mirror. She had been caught up with trying to find any tiny pieces of glass, and realized that she had been staring at his shirtless back.

"I'm looking for glass, you idiot." She mumbled. He spun in front of her. And she found herself staring at his chest. Which, admittedly, was not a hard thing to do, but she dragged her gaze up to his eyes anyway. "Will you please, my dear, go get your tux on? The wedding is supposed to start in fifteen minutes. We shouldn't even be seeing each other. It's bad luck."

"My love, I have a better idea." He told her, and pulled her close before bending over and kissing her neck. He ran his tongue along her skin, causing her to stiffen and stifle a moan. When he had opened his mouth a bit to do so, his fangs had rubbed on her skin.

"How about," He muttered against her skin, flicking it with his tongue.

"No." She said, interrupting him, and pulling his head back up to look her in the eyes. "Just no, Normrak. Don't even. You won the part where I have to marry you, which I still don't want to, and I won the part where we marry by Kander. So don't even go there."

"Did you forget that was the only thing you won, my love?" He smirked at her, and watched her turn red. "And that was simply because I let you?"

"I don't care." She said, and looked up at him. "We're getting married by Kander. Go get your stupid tux on! You should be out there already!"

He kissed her, and she felt his tongue run across her lips. She melted into his arms, and kissed him back, wrestling tongues and all. She knew what he was trying to do. He was trying to distract her into doing what he wanted, and she knew it would work if she fought back and kissed him just as hard as he was kissing her. So she didn't. She forced herself to tug away from the insufferable man.

"Go!" She hissed at him, and pushed him out of the room. He only smirked at her, and let her shoo him out.

As he strode off, she hoped he would be there, ready to receive her during the wedding. It would be so embarrassing to have him not be there. She didn't want to embarrass herself in front of god knows how many people. The last she checked, it was two hours before the wedding and the whole place was packed. And it wasn't a small area. The place could have seated nearly a thousand people easy. She didn't know any of them, but the room was overflowing as she peaked through a window. She placed herself in front of two massive doors, waiting for them to open.

Why was she doing this? Why was she going to marry this man? She didn't understand how she had let him kiss her to submissiveness. How could that have happened? She was seriously confused right now. She didn't love him, so why would she marry him?

"Oh, please." She heard Rina's high, girly voice squeal. Raina looked back at her and glared. Now, if she hated anyone, it would be that bitch. She hated Rina more than she hated Normrak. "Don't even tell me you're, like, gonna go back on the wedding."
"What's it to you?" Raina snapped.

"Well, let's see. I'm a slayer. Normrak kills a bunch of people. He stops killing when he marries you. Gee, I wonder where the connection could be."

"Fuck off." Raina hissed, and ignored her. Rina didn't get the hint.

"Besides, it's, like, so obvious that you love him. Uh, hello? You said to Kander that you never wanted to see him again, and now you're totally all over him."

"Like you're all over Kander?" Raina growled at her. "Bitch, back off."

"Oh my god. You're so stupid. You don't even know what you feel."

With that the doors opened, and Rina snapped to attention with a huge, cheesy smile. Raina smirked, and knew what she would do. Rina would regret talking to her. She didn't love the man. And she was sick of hearing it. First it was Kander, then it was Rina. What the fuck? She didn't even want anything to do with Rina, and she had to go off talking to her like they were friends. What a bitch.

Raina looked forward, holding her breath. She hoped that Normrak would be there, and felt her stomach jump to her throat in excitement when she saw him. God he looked good in a tuxedo. His shoulder's looked a little broader, and his pants were actually where they were supposed to be, not loosely slung over his hips. She couldn't believe he was actually standing there, and in a tux. He caught her eyes, and smirked, and she smirked back. She followed his hands to his waist, and noted that underneath his tuxedo pants, he was, indeed wearing the slung-over-the-hips black jeans as he pulled the side of his pants down just enough to show her. She glared at him. Didn't she tell him to take those off? She told him to change into the tuxedo, not just throw it on over his clothes. She was sure that his t-shirt was underneath the jacket and white tuxedo shirt as well. His hair flowed down across his back in the smoothest way she could possibly think of, and god he looked good.

What was she thinking? She didn't even know. She didn't love the bastard. She didn't! Oh, she wanted to hate him. But she couldn't hate him. She sighed, and took a step forward, locking eyes with Rina. Shit. Rina had the same idea she did. It was war.

Rina "accidentally" caught the back of Raina's dress in her heel, knocking Raina to her feet, but Raina smirked. She had expected it, and twisted to her back, grabbing Rina's ankle. With that, she pulled Rina hard, to toss her away from Raina. It was a race as well. Raina pushed herself up, and made her way to Normrak's side, while Rina screeched about messed up hair and some kind of dust on her "Fifteen hundred dollar" dress.

Standing by him, she met his eyes. They were just as green as ever, but she couldn't read a real expression, other than some amusement. Kander looked upset that his to-be-wife had gotten beaten, but said nothing. Rina finally got up to Kander's side and muttered something about what a waste of skin Raina was.

As the man conducting the wedding began to drone on, Raina felt her thoughts flee at a million times a minute. She thought she'd never calm down. She wasn't even listening to him.

She loved him.

No she didn't.

Well, she certainly didn't hate him.

But love?

No way.

Yes way.

There was something about him that made her giddy, and then again, something that made her want to kill him. What was she feeling towards him? She just wasn't sure. She had been arguing the whole love question for a long time now. But she was determined to make her decision today. Now. She didn't want to say "I do" without knowing.

And she knew she loved him.

But she didn't want to accept that answer. Why couldn't things just work out the way she wanted them to? Why couldn't she have fallen in love with a decent man? The kind of guy who would take her to dinner and buy her flowers and make her laugh with cheesy little love lines? She looked at Normrak, and she knew he was definitely everything that she didn't want to marry. He was ruthless. He was evil. He had no problem hitting and killing. He probably couldn't cook. She didn't think he even knew was a date was, much less want a child. He'd be a bad father. She wasn't even sure why she was thinking of kids.

She was everything that she wanted to make sure that her man would not be.

So why did she love him?

He killed her family.

Why did she love him?

Why does she love him?

God, what did she do to deserve this? Hadn't she been a good girl all her life?

"I do." She heard Rina's high pitched, annoying voice. She snapped to attention. It was time for I do's, and Raina hadn't even heard.

"Yeah, I do." She muttered. She heard Normrak say it just as carelessly and emotionless as she did, and knew that he was doubting what he was doing. Good. Maybe he'd leave. And she would never see him again. That way she couldn't be in love with him. He would be gone forever. She'd find another man - a better man. A nice man. A human man.

She supposed that the man had asked Normrak and Kander to kiss their brides, and Kander did so enthusiastically. It wasn't long before he and Rina had finished their kisses, and Rina had tears down her pretty little cheeks. Kander turned and kissed the side of his bride's head and hugged her close. She heard him say "I love you" to her, and just stared at Normrak.

Normrak had down nothing but stiffen. She waited, impatiently, and crossed her arms. He turned on a heel and began walking out. She was pissed.

"Normrak!" She screamed at him. He slowed, and smirked at her, turning oh-so-slightly. Just enough for her to see that horrid leer on his face. "You fucking bastard. You were the one that wanted to marry me. What the fuck do you think you're doing?"

Their audience, which Raina had never really paid attention to, was now gaping at her. They looked nervously to Normrak for his reaction. He did nothing but just sit there, still and with his back to her. But she didn't care. She was beyond pissed off. He wanted this damned wedding, and he got it, so what the fuck was he doing? How could he ever consider walking out on her, that fucking piece of shit. She was in the middle of feeling betrayed and pissed off when she found herself taking calm, emotionless strides to the man. She didn't care that everyone was watching. They could watch all they want, for as much as she cared. She hoped that he was embarrassed, but as he smirked at her when she flipped him around with a rough pull on his shoulder, she knew he didn't care. Well, two could play at that game.

"I thought you wanted this," She cooed. "I thought that after all you did to have me…"

He glared at her, and she noticed a few nervous grins in the audience. Who gave a shit what they thought?

"After you changed me? After you kissed me like there was no tomorrow? After you practically tried ripping off my clothes to get to me? After all those sweet little moans that came out of your mouth when I kissed you back?"

Ha, he was started to get pissed off too. Good. That bastard deserves nothing but shit, and she wasn't sure why she wasn't walking away and leaving him for good. She knew that, for some reason, she just couldn't leave him. Something held her there with him, and it was even more than the blood bond that he had shared with her. She hated it, whatever it was. She knew it was keeping him there too, since he hadn't disappeared yet.

"What about the night you proposed? You sounded so worried that I hadn't fed in so long," She lowered her voice and brought her lips to his ear. Before he could jerk away in anger, she whispered to him. "And we both know that you love me."

"The feeling is mutual, my love." He hissed at her, and she saw his fists begin to clench. Oh, this was going to get fun. She wanted to take all her anger out on him, and now she could. And she can fight back now; she wasn't the weak little human that she was. Of course, if he wanted to seriously hurt her, he'd have the advantage, but she didn't care. She was too hurt and angry to care.

"Yeah, yeah." She growled. "The feeling is mutual. But what feeling is it this time, huh? Do you love me? Is that what you're subtly trying to tell me?"

He hissed and swung at her. She felt the tension in the audience, and ducked before he could land it. He wasn't really trying. She rammed into him, knocking him to the floor, on his back, and found herself on top of him.

"This," She wanted to scream, but said calmly instead, as she swung back and connected her open-face hand with his face. "is for Alex." She slapped him again, in the other direction with her other hand. "That was for Mal."

She brought her nose down and touched his. He smirked at her, and didn't retaliate. It didn't hurt him like she wanted it to, but it sure as hell left red marks. She pushed herself up, straddling him, and leaning over him on all fours. She kissed him, and pulled away before he had a chance to kiss back. With that, she slapped him again, harder, and more upside the head than on his cheek.

"That was for me."

She kissed him again, and he responded, before she felt his fist upside her own head. She rolled off him, even more pissed off than before.

"And you know what?" She hissed at him, and raised her foot to smash it into his chest. "This is for me too."

He caught her ankle and pulled it to the other side of him. She ended up straddling him again, only on his chest this time. Thank god he hadn't pulled her up a little, otherwise she'd be on his face, and blushing more than anything. Oh, why was he so irritable all the time?

"My love," He muttered, and pulled himself into a standing position in front of her too quickly for her to run. He grabbed her shoulders, forcing her to look at him. She wanted to cry. Why was he doing this? She was so pissed off that she couldn't control herself. She felt tears fall. Damn it, now her make up was going to be messed up, and she would be ugly.

"No." She sobbed, and hissed at the same time. "No! Fuck you, Normrak. All you do is this shit. You say one thing, and then act another. You say the feeling is mutual, but where exactly is your side of it, huh? Yeah, I don't want to say it, but so what? Maybe the feeling is mutual. Maybe we both feel the same god-damned way, even if I don't want to. But--"

He cut her off with a kiss. She slapped him off of her.

"But then you wanted this whole wedding. Okay, you just wanted marriage. Well, guess what? We're almost there, and I'm so ready to take this ring off before it becomes official. I don't want to marry you, damn it. But you won that fight. So are you going to finish it off? Are you actually going to pull your ass through?"

He moved to cut her off with another kiss and she turned her head so he kissed her neck. Shit. Bad idea. She felt warmth spread through her body and wanted to fall to the floor. She felt his tongue slither against her.

"N--Normrak, stop." She argued with him weakly. Not that she really wanted him to. He kissed up her neck and caught her lips with his own. She didn't have time to protest when she suddenly heard Kander whistle. What the fuck?

When she pulled away from the man, she looked behind her, at Kander. He grinned at her, flashing a 'thumbs-up', and the audience around them looked happy. What the fuck was going on? He had just kissed…

Oh god. He kissed her. They were officially married now. He went through with it. And she didn't even notice. She was…his…wife, and she had never heard the words 'I love you'. That suddenly bothered her, and pissed her off.

"Normrak." She growled. "I'm still not happy."

"Oh, dear?" He said, and smirked at her. "What is it this time?"

"The feeling is mutual." She mumbled. "What is that feeling? Why can't you just say it?"

He raised a cocky eyebrow, his eyes full of amusement as he smirked directly at her. He knew exactly what she was talking about. And he wasn't even going to do anything about it! Oh, this man was beyond infuriating. She was extremely close to him. They could kiss without moving their lips more than an inch or two. Their bodies were pressed together.

"Damn it, Normrak!" She growled. "Why don't you just say 'I love you'?"

"The feeling is mutual."

"You love me."
"The feeling--"

"You love me."

"Is mutual."

"Damn it, Normrak. You love me. Just say it."

"The feeling is mutual, my love."

"Yeah, yeah. Okay, fine. Normrak, I'll go first. I hate you, but for some reason I just can't hate you anymore, okay? So I love you. There. I said it." She said, and felt like crying. She loved him. And she hated him at the same time. But…it was there. And she did love him. Oh, fuck him!

"The feeling--"

"Is mutual, yeah. Now say it! Damn it, please!"

"The feeling--"


"Is mutual."

"Normrak!" She wanted to cry. Why the fuck couldn't he just say it? She took her ring off, and shoved it in his face. "I'll give all this up if you don't say it! I swear, I don't need this. I don't need marriage. I don't need you. I don't need it! Just fucking say it!"


"No!" She screamed. "No," she repeated, more calm. "Do you love me?"


"Damn it!" She shoved the ring into his palm. "I give up. We're done. Completely. Which I don't even know why I have to say, since we were never together. Fuck you, Normrak. Fuck you! You're a cold, murdering bast--"

He kissed her.

She didn't want a kiss right now. But she couldn't help but to kiss him back. God, she hated him for using her like this. She slapped him off.

"No! Tell me."

"Would I be marrying you otherwise, my love?"

"I don't know. Why don't you say it and we'll go from there?"
"How dense are you, my dear?" He growled at her, obviously getting frustrated. She smirked. Finally he was going where she wanted. He shoved the ring back on her finger, and held it there as she struggled to remove it again.

"Just say it!"

He growled at her, and she knew that he had said it. It was so quiet, that even she could barely here it, but she had. He had quietly, and oh-so-quickly muttered it.

"Iloveyou." He had muttered in one quick sentence. No one could hear him but her, and she was satisfied with that. He glared at her, turning on his heal and walking calmly out of the room.

Raina was suddenly engulfed in a sea of people who were immediately trying to comfort her. She wanted to go after him, but couldn't. She was filled with congratulations, apologies for her bad luck, and admiration for "taming" him.

It had been three hours by the time she was able to get herself released from the vat of people, but she had ran to the changing room, full of mirrors, as fast as she could. There, she saw no one. He was gone. Normrak had left. God, where would he be now? He left her for good. Just when she had realized that she cared, despite what she wanted.

She fell to her knees and cried.

How could she feel this much pain from a man she hated? She wasn't sure.

"Raina..?" She heard Kander's soft voice from the entrance. She felt his arms encircle her in a friendly hug. "Don't worry, please. He just doesn't understand any of this. And I know what he told you, and I know what you told him. I know that you love each other. He…just…"

"No, Kander." She said, and wiped tears from her face. "No. Just leave."


"Go! Doesn't your wife want you or something? You've got a honeymoon to go on anyway."


"Kander, please."

"Alright. You know my cell phone number, so call me, okay? I love you."

"I love you too, Kander." She said, and hugged him. He ruffled her hair, like an older brother would and walked off, leaving her there.

While they had been talking, she had noticed a slip of paper. She knew he had left it.

Don't bother crying, my dear. Don't bother chasing me. Don't bother at all. You'll only get in the way.

She wiped her tears, and let her lips curl into a slow, lazy smirk. Tearing the paper into as many pieces as she could manage, she let them float to the floor. The man had almost caught her off guard.

"Oh, Normrak." She sighed. "You almost had me fooled."

And with that, she spun, glancing at herself in the mirror. She had cried her make up off, so she didn't look half bad. Her dress hadn't lost it's fit, and she had a smirk plastered on her face, contradicting the tear stains on her cheeks and in her eyes. She disappeared.

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