A/N For Drew

A Room of Arches

A room of arches.

A different world behind each one.

She knew it were true, but she could not see

How to pass on through;

How to make them live.


When small

She sat here.

Her focus strayed from study

To the arches on the wall

And the worlds beyond them.

She grew, of course

And the worlds grew with her;

More complex and intriguing.

Animals to children,

Fairies to castles,

Then romance, adventure, and one true love.

She was never lost amongst her arches.

I have known it be so,

But she was not.

She lived, she loved,

She thought and dreamed.

Feet on the ground, but head in the clouds.

And that is how we meet her.

She did quite well at school, you see,

And stayed on there to teach.

The arches always did surround

And there she made her home.

By day she taught,

By night she dreamt,

And all the while, she lived.


Drew people close

To her,

And some she chose

To love.

But distant, often distant-

Perhaps adding to her charm.

And on this day,

This day narrated,

She met her lover, one of her friends.

And since class had ended recently

She met him in the room:

The room of arches.

He came to her, and kissed her.

She kissed back.

But the room,

The room

Overpowered her.

Her thoughts strayed,

And she saw:

A tunnel of trees,

Arms entwined.

Looking down

They seemed so kind.


She heard a door open

But she did not turn,

For it did not sound like the heavy oak door,

But a small door;

Lighter than air,

Lighter than dreams.

Suddenly she knew

What she had to do,

And she broke off.


He began.

She shushed him with a glance.

'Often you asked me

When I was quiet,

Where was I?

In what world?

Listen and I will tell you.

I was here.

A room of arches.

A different world behind each one.

Come with me.'