Who ever said that everything your imagination was imaginary

Kate stared down at the blank piece of paper that lay before her wondering…pondering….why the hell was that there…she had gone completely blank. She recalled the last few moments of walking, sitting down, then she had fallen asleep now there this paper was there…so white…a complete mystery in itself. It could be a portal to an unknown world; all it need was a gate. Then she could slip through the gate and learn the wonders and mysteries of the….

"Miss Mabry! STOP DOODLING FOR THE LAST TIME! BEGIN WRITING YOUR ESSAY!" said a booming voice that came from every direction. This was her enemy, Kate decided. The voice did not want her to pass through the gate, the doorway into this wonderful new exciting world that held mysteries. But why did the voice not want her to pass…why did the voice sound so familiar… the voice her teacher! Oh no, she was in trouble now… her teacher had taken on the role of an evil villain! Who would next in this tragedy! OH WOE WAS HER! The gateway was almost complete almost…almost…Suddenly it was snatched from under her pencil and she looked up. "OH NO, IM TOO LATE!" she screamed. The teacher looked at her questionably then down to the paper.

"You wasted all that time to draw a door? Miss Mabry I am very disappointed in you, here you still have 15 minutes left of class to finish your essay on what you learned today." The teacher handed her another sheet of blank paper. Kate eyes focused on the paper and then she smiled at the teacher and quickly finished her work. When she handed in the paper the teacher gave an annoyed sigh. For on the paper held these words.

What I learned in class today was that blank papers are dangerous as they lead to unknown worlds and should quickly be filled with words or it will trick you into drawing it a gate into these unknown gates and make you think teachers are evil villains…I leave you with these final words as I cast off into unknown charters "BEWARE OF THE BLANK PAPER"

until we meet again, Kate


BEHOLD the first chapter of a series of spoofs….

eh i'm bored and this is something to do on a rainy day. Tell me what you guys think pls R/R

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