Sam Escaped From the Asylum Today

Part One

Sam was a very unusual girl. She did look like a lot of us. She had really long brown hair. She wore glasses. She had the nightmares called braces on her teeth. Some things were a little freakier then her appearance. She loved gothic music. She also was an A student with a little image of that of an angel. That definitely was not her. People did say she was a devil. But I call her a little crazy.

A little can go a long way though. Every one knew that. Sam was like that. She could be a perfect angel one minute, the next a rambunctious devil that liked to stab apples and name them Freddy. After that she'll break into song.("Freddy the apple looked at me funny, Freddy the apple looked at me funny, Freddy the Apple looked at me funny, So I murdered him") I think this is how they realized the best to do was get her into an asylum, pronto.

So it was a bumpy ride to the asylum. They put a straight jacket on her and made sure she couldn't do anything to get out. Of course, Sam was a lot smarter than that and she devised a plan to get out. Now we're on a look out for her. She was in taken to the asylum yesterday and she escaped today.

She is crazy. The more crazier you are, the more harder you are to stop. That is so true for Sam. So true…

Sam was very hard to find. She was short. Most people say that being short is a disadvantage. It could be for some people but for Sam, it was an advantage. She could probably be in a kindergarten class terrorizing all the little kids. Or worse, she could be under an apple tree and is plotting the apples demises. Either way she must be causing something harm.

At the lunch table all if Sam's friends were sitting together. They always sat together. Today wasn't any different. Anyway, they were talking to each other until a girl came by. She had long blonde hair. She had her CD player with her which had Evanescence playing on full blast. She wore a black tank top saying: "Hello, I am your death…Any questions?"

"May I sit with you?" She asked so sweetly.

"Yeah, sure. What's your name?" a girl with tanned skin and black asked. She was Sylvie.

"Oh, my name is Alex." she said with a smile.

"Well this is Miranda" Sylvie pointed to a girl with blue rimmed glasses and blue eye shadow on her eyes.

"Hi" Miranda said.

"This is Cara" Sylvie pointed to a girl who was very skinny but still very healthy.

"Hey" Cara said.

"This is Carolina" Sylvie pointed to a girl with a blue sweatshirt on. She waved to Alex

"And this is Kerry" She said pointing to a girl who looked absolutely freaked out.

"Do you have anything that is orange? If you do KEEP IT AWAY FROM ME!!!!!!!" She shrieked.

"Did I mention Kerry is deathly afraid of the color orange. Don't show her anything orange and no meat that has gravy. She's scared of that as well." Sylvie explained.

Lunch continued as they let Alex eat her food. Little did they know that Alex was really Sam and that she was ready to make them go on to the asylum soon. Sam/Alex smiled thinking of her diabolical plan.

Later that night Sam/Alex was looking for Miranda's house. She had a huge bag. It was heavy, very heavy. 'Just a few more minutes…just a few more minutes til step one is done…'She smiled.

Miranda had to walk down to her neighbor's house to get her dog back. Her dog had a bad habit of chewing up stuff when they weren't home. She walked out the door and was on the way down the street.

"Hello, Miranda…" Sam said.

"Who's there? Who are you? I am a black belt in origami!" Miranda said.

"Chill, Miranda. Aren't you happy to see your old friend," Sam said.

"Who is this?"

"BOO" Sam yelled and took out the giant syringe out of the bag.


"Of course. You do remember me right?"


"So, are you afraid of syringes?"

"You know I am!"

"Well start running!"


Sam immediately started running Miranda down the street.


That was the last they saw of Miranda.

Author's Note: How do you like it? This story is loosely based off this weird thing I wrote. It was suppose to be a poem but it ended up becoming a story. Yeah, this story as a touch of horror in it from watching way too many horror movies. Anyway all the characters in this story is based off people I knew. Including Sam as well. And if the person who inspired me to create Sam is out there reading this then I have to say it was all Freddy's fault. Please massacre him. Any way the little "Freddy the Apple got murdered" song was made up from my friend, DragonlanceElidorLotRLegolas! Anyway please review and tell me what you think of this story!

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