To Die For You by writerforever

Jesus I'm in need of comfort

Jesus I'm in need of Your love

Lately I've been having thoughts

Lately I've been having dreams

They have frightened me

And confused me

My dream seemed to state

That my time is drawing nigh

The boy holding the gun

The feeling of fear as the gun is pointed at me

The blood falling down my chest

The deadly silence as darkness surrounds me

What does it all mean?

Is it just a silly dream not meant to be taken seriously?

Or are You warning me for what lies ahead?

Help me Lord Jesus to trust in You

Help me to be willing

To accept whatever You have waiting for me

But if You plan on taking me soon

I am ready Lord Jesus

To die for You would be the hardest thing I've ever done

But to die for You would be the greatest honor

So Jesus, if it is Your will for me

Then I will die for You

I place my life in your hands

And will face whatever lies head for me with courage

I will die for You if need be

I know that this poem is a little silly maybe but I just wanted to write it down and get it off my mind. -writerforever