It all started from two things. A letter, and phone call. Sounds simple right? Just another girl getting a letter, or even a birthday card. Or a boy getting the call that his girlfriend was breaking up with him.

My story is not as easy as those would be. My story is a story of something so vast and wide that...

Okay, so its not that fabulous. It still ends up being complicated at any rate.

I was in the bathroom, poking the pudge that was my stomach, when the phone rang.

"Keep ringing, keep ringing!" I scream at it. The cellphone doesn't obey me though, it stops.

"UGH! Who would call me this early anyway?" I grumble. I was the queen of drama, mostly because of the discovery of my stomach. Yes, after all the denial I figured out I was chubby. I wasn't taking it well either.

"Hey Michelle you got some mail." I look up at my brother Billy. Billy is two years older then me, at the age of eighteen. He's a bum in my opinion. He says he's on a journey to discover himself, but really he's just buming off Mom and Dad until he realizes his band isn't going to make it. Pathetic.

"Mail? From who?"

Billy puts down his cereal bowl and pushes back his unruly brown hair. "Uh, from some school..."

"You mean Rayen School of Arts?"

"Ya looks like it. Want me to throw it away?" I jump for the letter but he hangs it above my reach.

"Come on Mitch, jump for it." He laughs holding it above my reach.

"Mooooom! Billy won't give me my mail!" I call out.

We both wait till she comes up the stairs. Mom looks like a super model, only she didn't know the eighties were gone. She had her long blonde hair sprayed up, and was sporting her favorite Cindy Lauper shirt. She looks at me, then to him. She sighs and hands me some iced coffee.

"Michelle, we're being calm this morning. I'm trying to finish the last chapter of my novel, so lets relax. Billy hand her the letter and we'll all just get on with our lives."

Mom's been writing a book for the last zillion years. Okay so just a few years. She had written one right after Billy was born, but insists she has to finish the sequal before anyone sees it. She's spent the last few years on the last chapter. Which means when she thinks shes written something good, everyone has to leave the house. She was in that mood again.

"But Mom, this is big. I've been excepted! Which means you'll have to take me to get my uniform." I pause and look down at myself. "Mom did you know I'm fat?"

"Then try getting more exercise. You can't just sit around moping about it. Oh and Emma called. She wants you to call her back. Something about a school..."

I chase her down the stairs. "You mean she got into Rayen too? Mom do you know what this means?"

"That your going to the same school as Emma?"

"And Sarah! We'll all stay together." Mom rolls her eyes and sits down at her computer. I stand over her, playing with her hair.

"Why don't you three go celebrate. Oh and tell Billy he's gonna be late for practice if he doesn't hurry."

I sigh and walk up the stairs. Billy is sitting on my bed eating his cereal. "Mom says to go to band practice and me alone."

"Whatever. At least we both know you won't be going to school with me anymore." He puts the letter in my hand and puts the bowl in front of my face. "And keep away from the cereal chubby."

I grab the bowl from him and push him out. "Go to practice. We all know you need it!"

I end up having Billy drive me to Emma's house. As I get out of his mustang though, Emma runs out of the house.

"Hey Michelle have your brother take us to Sarah's house." She calls out. I can hear Billy groan, but he drives us anyway.

Emma sits beside me in the back seat. We talk excitedly about the school, and she tells me about all the famous people that went to schools like it .Her life has been devoted to acting and fashion. With her big brown eyes, and long blonde hair she already looks beautiful enough, and she's got the talent.

"I can't believe we're going to Rayen. I'm taking all the acting classes. Maybe some art ones too." She says thoughtfully. "What about you?"

"Singing lessons, and drawing. I might try acting."

Billy pulls over in front of Sarah's house. "Mom will probably be writing till dinner."

"Thanks. I'm gonna stay over at Emma's anyway though." I smile and look away. "Oh and if Jesse comes to practice..."

"Who's Jesse?" Emma squeals. "Is he cute?"

"Jesse is the new bass player in our band. You guys are making me look lame go away." He practically yells at us till we get out, then drives off.

"Just wait till Mom finds out he quit his job at the diner. He'll be out so fast." I mumble.

"Actually your brother.."

"Don't even say it."

Emma laughs and we run inside. Sarah is sitting on the couch, reading manga.

"Hey, Sarah the new one came out?" I jump at the book and we sit together ignoring Emma's stares.

Sarah is my other best friend. She paints really beautifully. She has long brown hair, which she keeps braided. We both have a passion for all things japan, including manga. Emma reads manga too, that's how we all met was fighting over a new book.

"Hey our uniforms are super cute." Emma said pulling a picture from her bag. We both look up at it.

"Its just like the ones in anime." Sarah and I say in unison.

The uniform itself is a sailor top, and the bottom is a green pleated skirt that reached just below the knees. Shoes you bought on your own, but had to be worn with knee-length white socks.

"This will be the best year ever." I tell them.

Unknown to me, it would be the year my so called perfect life went down hill....

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