A/N: Ok people this is my first mystery story so it'll probably
be really bad so just bare w/ me please.



It was a beautiful day. Elise sat on her porch painting
her nails hot pink while she stared at Renee goofing off on
her trampoline. Of course there was I, goofing off with her
when we heard something off in the bushes. Almost
instantly, a thundering rain came pouring down and we
forgot all about the thing in the bushes for we were too
busy running inside.


A/N: Now, before I get on w/ the story, I better tell
you about my friends and me. Elise Arbour is...well...Elise!
There's nobody like her. She's got a boyfriend (which is
more than I can say) and she loves him very much. Elise is
very sweet and gets her way a lot. But what can I say...I
can't live without her. (Or vise Versa!) Now Renee...she is
her favorite animal-a monkey. She's really goofy and
loveable. She's also very strong and sporty. And of
course...about me!!! I'm pretty shy when it comes to people
but I'm getting better. I love dogs a lot and my fav. Color is
blue. I'm a little like Elise cause I'm a boy freak (sorry bout
that Lisey!) and a little like Renee because I absolutely
looooove sports! We're "3 of a kind"!


Back to the story...We were soaking wet and to make
matters worse, the electricity went out. Since he couldn't
watch the news, Lisey's dad turned on the radio. There
were a bunch of broadcasts but one caught my attention. I
think Renee and Elise were thinking the same thing when
they heard it because both of their eyes wet wide. I'll quote
the news flash: "Flash! Chicken, Sheep, and cows have
been badly chewed up around here lately. Farmers have
been waking up in the middle of the night to the sounds of
animals and finding them, in the morning, lying in a pool of
blood half eaten. Nobody knows what happened-it's still a
mystery but tune in because we might find out more later!"

After that was a news flash about an animal escaping
from the zoo and its whereabouts. We were too worried
about the last flash to listen. I guess we should have.

DISCLAIMER: Elise, Renee, and me belong to our parents.
We are not made up but the story is.