Fragrant Red Rose

From being so very young

An innocent young little girl

You dream of your one true husband

Only one in the whole wide world

You dream of this perfect man

This brave and so handsome knight

You dream of your first love's kiss

In the depths of the dark of the night

But as you slowly grow older

It is then that you realise

One perfect knight is hard to find

Beneath these pale blue skies

You begin to doubt your dreams

Your chance of love is slim

You grit your teeth for a life alone

But then your eyes find him

Now he's your shining knight

Your soul mate and your friend

He's your pretty red rose

Who you'll be with 'till the end

That's when you feel yourself falling

Deeper and deeper in love

Watching as all this happens

Watching as though from above

But then; your second surprise

Not everything is just like this

Your true love it may well be

But not quite your perfect bliss

But you wouldn't change him ever

For he is your fragrant rose red

He shared your laughter and your tears

He shared your home and your bed

It is then that you learn

To see a rose's true light

You also have to love its thorns

And wait for your kiss in the night