"You're going to go see a psychologist today after school so be ready." My mom told me before I rushed out of the door this morning. Since I was just barley awake enough to get dressed and grab my book bag I just let I run off my back like water.

I went through the usual herd like school day just fine without even remembering what she said. I talked to my friends about the same old high school drama and did the same thing I do everyday at school.

When finally it hit me as I walked into the front door, and I saw my mom dress all nice and was waiting for me to arrive home. "Ready?" she asked me all chipper as hell.

"Hum not ..." I stammered as she grabbed me by my arm and shoved me out the door into our blue mini van. Still smelling like cafeteria and wearing my hideous uniform we drove to the office building listening to a soft rock station.

"Why am I going to this …shrink again?" I asked my mom, not knowing why she just up out of nowhere decided to torture me. With a lost of words she began to change to station, flip, flip, flip. There we go that's a good station; she stayed on the clear one that she found and didn't respond.

"Mooom?" I used my annoying voice that always gets her.

"What?" she was listening.

"Why am I going to see this chick? Ya know just outta the blue?"

"Well because I thought you might need a friend…" I looked over at her not believing her and wishing she didn't say that and actually mean what she said. "Okay so I'm worried about you is that so wrong?" I sighed and leaned my forehead against the front window wishing my mother was a normal one. The kind that doesn't worry so much and only does when grades are low or I'm actually doing something wrong.

She rolled her eyes, grabbed me by the shoulder and leaned me back to a sitting position. "Listen I'm just worried that you're confused about how… how to act as an uhm…" it was obvious she didn't know where she was going with this so I just closed my eyes and turned my head the other way. She stopped talking and put the van into park.

"Here we are. She's on the second floor. Just go..."

"Hold the phone her dude! You're not coming with me! You're the one who wanted me to go and your not even coming in with me?" she's just going to leave me here for the head hunters, I thought to myself.

"Sweaty you know I have to pick up Ralph from his soccer meet at 5:30, if I stay here I'll be late." She looked at me as if that was the answer to all my problems; Ralph.

"Fine." I rolled my eyes as I opened the car door.

"Oh honey you might want to take your wings off…you don't want to scare her…" I shut the door in my moms face cutting off her sentence. This chick has to talk to people who think they can see purple one eyed monkeys flying around at 2 o clock and around 4ish a guy that has about 9 different personalities inside of him, she can deal with a high school girl with plastic fairy wings in her back.