I gave you what you wanted
I bore out your fantasy
Your microcosm was my all
You were fulfilled in me

I was your perfect lover
And I kept fidelity
I let you bruise my flesh, my soul
And never tried to flee

But now your term has ended
And I must collect my fee
Your life will be but one more thread
In my years' tapestry

You rail against my reason
And you curse my cruelty
You thought devotion, care and love
Would all be yours for free

You scream out your repentance
In your blind futility
Your heart was all I ever asked
Now it belongs to me

I've loved a thousand others
But not one of them could see
For all your charms, you're much the same
You thought you could own me

You'll give me my repayment
For it's earned, you must agree
Just whisper out your favorite prayer
And soon I'll set you free

I lived as you dictated
I was all you'd have me be
So won't you close your eyes, my love
And bleed a while for me?