Karma Returning

But there aren't any words and there aren't any songs
And there aren't any reasons to balance the wrongs
And friends turn on friends till we're all left alone
In cold, empty hallways and rooms made of stone
And somehow I lost you when I turned around
Calling your name in a cry without sound
Walking these pathways in unending light
I'm dreaming of emptiness, praying for night

Don't you realize I'm drowning while you turn away,
That the hope I have left won't survive this decay?
The blood that I'm losing is already cold
There's no saving a soul when it's already sold
But I knew I was darkness, I knew I was wrong
And I knew that I'd never be part of your song
I dared to reach out and make something my own
It shattered around me, and I'm still alone

Every friend that I've had has just thrown me aside
And you said you were different, but maybe you lied
I don't really blame you -- it's just how things are
It's when I forget that I'm left with a scar
This karma I carry cannot be turned back
I constantly pay for the things that I lack
I thought you would change it, that you'd pull me out
But you can't avoid fear, and you can't deny doubt

The love I have left will be what next it harms
And I'll always be sleeping alone in their arms
They cannot stay with me, no more than you could
But my traitorious heart still pretends that they would
You had to remind me, to break through the glass
And I know that I'm still waiting for this to pass
I could have stayed dreaming forever that way
But it's better like this, and it's where I must stay

I walk down this pathway of silence and frost
Forever remembering all that I've lost
And the harsh light surrounds me, denying me rest
Reminding me I should have known what was best
This bright place is my world, and the darkness is yours
And no one can love what compassion abhors
I tried to be something I knew I was not
And I'll walk here in torment because I forgot