I wake up and just close my eyes
The outside is nice, but the inside's hazy
I have truthful eyes and a mouth that lies
A failure to drive myself crazy

How ironic and hypocritical of optimism
A human failsafe program integrated into a failing mind
The realism bent into a mental shaped prism
The wrongs are right and the once seeing eye is blind

Can you feel the knife across your chest?
I know I sure do, as the blood drips
Do you think we can lay this to rest?
I'm dying slowly from our bloody sips

I fall asleep but open my eyes
It's bright outside and it's so dark inside
False optimism are causing my sighs
I am what your optimistic reality hides

How pathetic your life is and isn't real
It's how we're trained to follow birth right conformity
Everything's real but something you'll never feel
It's our perfected humanity deformity

Can you feel the burn in your chest?
I know I sure do, from the drying skin
Can we please lay ourselves to rest?
There's nothing to be released from within

I'll lap up every pint of blood left
It's over now, but we'll be optimistically forgotten
It's the last thing with my dying breath
Hypocritical optimism...is that where our love went?