"I've got to go after her" Alex said as he attempted to follow Jasmine.

His progress was halted by Natalie, who grabbed his arm as he began to move away from the bed. Alex looked back to see a look of seriousness on Natalie's face that he was not used to seeing from her.

"Alex…" she began, her voice filled with a mixture of confusion and concern. "What is going on here?"

Alex couldn't lie to Natalie anymore, she was too smart for that. He had known from the day the doctor had told him and Jasmine they would have to keep the past four years secret from her that she would eventually figure out that something wasn't right. He had to tell her the truth.

"Listen Natalie I'll explain everything to you" he told the young woman who was desperately clinging onto his arm for answers. "But first I have to go and find Jasmine."

Natalie just stared into Alex's eyes for a few moments before her hand slowly fell away from his arm, allowing him to move.

"Thank you" he whispered.

Alex then turned round and ran out of the room. Leaving behind a very worried Natalie alone in her hospital bed, unable to get up and follow him.

Alex couldn't remember the last time he had run so fast, pushing past people as he made his way towards the hospitals entrance. He stopped after finally reaching the outside, panting heavily as he looked around the area for a sight of Jasmine. His eyes then fell upon her as she appeared to be getting the keys for her car out of her bag.

"Jasmine wait!" Alex called as he ran towards her.

Jasmine ignored his calls as she began to open the car door.

"Jasmine please" he pleaded as he placed a hand on her shoulder and turned her round to face him.

A huge stab of guilt wrenched Alex's gut as he saw tears falling uncontrollably from Jasmines eyes. She didn't seem able to look at him as she stared down at the pavement, silent tears still falling.

"Jasmine what happened was---"

"I know what I saw Alex" Jasmine cut in, her voice quiet and frail. "You and Natalie were…"

Jasmines voiced trailed off as she seemed unable to say out loud what she had witnessed moments before.

"I'm sorry" Alex said simply, unable to think of a better way to put into words the intense feeling of guilt he was currently feeling.

"Do you still have feelings for her?" Jasmine asked.

Alex cared for Jasmine too much to lie to her.

"Yes" he answered. "I do."

"And what about me?"

"I love you!" Alex responded without hesitation.

"Well you say you love me and you love her" Jasmine replied in mock sarcasm, trying to regain some composure as tears continued to fall. "You can't have both, you're going to have to pick one of us."

Alex had no response to what she said.

"Don't come home tonight Alex" Jasmine said as she opened the car door and got inside, her voice trembling with emotion. "I think we both need a break…I can't see you for a while."

She then closed the door and drove away from the hospital…away from Alex.

"Are you sure you want another one? You've been in here drinking for hours now!" The bartender asked.

"Listen I have the money" Alex slurred, over three hours of heavy drinking evident in his speech. "Just a few more beers and I'll be gone."

"Okay, okay" the bartender replied as he handed Alex another beer. "But it would be wise if you called someone to pick you up. I don't think you will be able to make it home in your current state."

"Yeah whatever" Alex said before taking a huge swig of the beer just handed to him.

He leaned forward on the bar, nursing his beer in between his hands. The events of the last two days rushing through his mind, from the second he had heard Natalie had woken up to moment Jasmine had walked in and seen the kiss. Two days ago everything had seemed perfect and problem free. He and Jasmine had just moved into their new home and Alex knew exactly what he wanted. Now he didn't have a clue what he wanted. On one side he had his present with Jasmine and on the other he had his past with Natalie. Alex continued going over these ideas in his head and before he knew it his drink was finished.

"Another please!" he yelled to the bartender as he waved his now empty glass in the air.

James got out of the taxi and paid the driver before turning round and looking at the large building of flats he had been dropped off in front. It had been a long flight from Ireland to get here but he had jumped on the first plane as soon as he had received the call from Jasmine two days ago telling him of Natalie's awakening. Cheryl hadn't been too happy about his sudden departure but these people were one of the few that he would drop everything for. He began to make his way up the stairs, looking for the door with the number eighteen on it. Finally reaching his destination he pressed the doorbell and waited patiently. When no one answered he tried again, still no reply. Deciding a more direct approach may be needed James clenched his fist ever so slightly and knocked upon the door, which to his surprise began to slowly creak open as it had been unlocked the whole time.

"Hello" he yelled as he stepped uncertainly into the flat. "It's James, anyone home?"

There was no reply but James could hear the faint sound of sobbing coming from the room directly in front of him. Walking in slowly he was shocked to see Jasmine crying uncontrollably on the front room floor, clinging to a sofa pillow as if for dear life.

"Jasmine what is it?!" James asked in panic as he ran to his childhood friend and pulled her into a tight hug.

Jasmine could not reply as she just continued to sob into James' shoulder.