Lost in Darkness - Chapter 1

He let out a sigh while leaning over the balcony, his emerald eyes appearing to be gazing off at the horizon. The young man was slender with average height. He wore black pants and black boots with a dark green tunic that matched his eyes. While the light breeze made his sandy blonde hair wave slightly through the air, he took a deep breath of the scents of a spring morning.

It was then that a little gray dog came barking at his feet. He knelt down and pet the dog while asking, "Where did you come from little guy?"

The dog barked in reply. Its shaggy gray hair was dirty and made it look rather homely.

"Oh yeah," he said pretending to have a conversation with the dog.

The dog yelped again before tugging on the young man's sleeve with its teeth.

Jokingly he asked, "What? You want me to follow you?"

The dog barked twice more and started to lick his hands. The young man laughed while petting the dog continually.

There was something in the dogs mouth that he felt, frowning questionably he asked, "What's this?" The dog answered by dropping a leash into his hands.

"I guess you do want me to follow you," he said while grasping the leash and rising up.

The dog started to drag him away from the balcony and through the hall. Then it pulled the young man down the spiral stairs and towards the front doors.

A voice shouted out as they had just stepped out the door. "Hey Quentin! Where are you going?" Slam.

The door had closed just before the young man could respond and the dog began leading him down the pathway towards town.

POV: Quentin

I couldn't help but to laugh at the sprit this little dog possessed, he was literally yanking me down the path towards… well towards whatever our destination was.

It suddenly occurred to me that this is the first time I've allowed myself to be led, by man or beast, in a very long time. I had too much pride to allow anyone to lead me, but there was something about this animal that I couldn't help but to like.

I knew the town like the back of my hand so I was well aware when the dog finally stopped that we were over by the stocks where they punished the town's criminals. I could only ponder why the dog had brought me here, if only he could speak.

I knelt down next to the dog and started rubbing his head. "Why did you bring me here boy?"

I heard a woman gasp. "Oh Zig, good boy you brought someone to help. Young sir, will you please help me out of here?"

I stood up and turned towards the voice. "Are you addressing me?"

In her small sweet voice she replied, "Yes young sir. My name is Hailee, will you please help me?"

I spoke to her in a lecturing tone. I was purposing making myself sound above her, because I was. "You've obviously gotten yourself into this predicament by committing a crime. There is no reason for me to want to help you."

She whined, "But I didn't do anything wrong. I was framed."

I laughed out loud, "Isn't that the typical thing for a criminal to say."

She pleaded, "Come on, do I really look like a criminal to you?"

I was momentarily at a loss for words and then I answered, "I don't know…" because I can't see.

"Azmi framed me, he's evil!" she shouted.

"Azmi…" He's the sinister man that works for my uncle. How I loathed that evil man. Perhaps this girl is innocent if Azmi is involved. I may just set her free for the pure joy of going against Azmi. "If Azmi is your enemy then I may be willing to help you," I said thoughtfully.

She growled, "He's my enemy for certain!"

Going back to my superior tone I asked, "Why? What did he do? Why do you dislike each other? I want details."

"Well, he wants the necklace that my father had given to me before he passed away. Since I refused to give it to him he put a warrant out for my arrest saying that I had stolen it from him! Hence the reason I am now locked up."

I laughed mockingly. "Enemies over a stupid piece of jewelry?"

She retorted, "It's not stupid! It's been passed down through my family for centuries, it has magical abilities."

"Hmph, that sounds believable," I said sarcastically. I wasn't one to believe in imaginary things like magic, miracles, true love, or anything like that.

Ignoring my rudeness she continued to plead to me, "Regardless if it sounds believable or not, Azmi had me arrested for a crime that I did not commit. Please help me."

I finally gave in, not because I am kind and wanted to help an innocent girl, but because I would do anything to spite Azmi. "Okay. I will help you, but only because I hate Azmi."

"Oh thank you!" She said in an overly cheerful voice that made me cringe.

POV: Hailee

I was finally able to convince the young sir, which Zig had brought, to help me. While I was pleading with him I was also studying his features. His messy dark blonde hair and emerald eyes definitely had my attention. I absolutely love green eyes. He dressed rather common but from his snobbish tone I could guess he was wealthier than he looked.

As he left Zig's side and slowly approached me I noticed that he almost seemed to be looking through me like he was concentrating on something behind me in the far off distance. Was I really that insignificant that he wouldn't even look at me?

He stopped with his body inches in front of mine. I saw him reach his arms out and next thing I knew he was gripping my waist. He looked directly at me. Pieces of his blond hair hung in front of his eyes and his face was completely expressionless. My heart raced as he slid his warm hands up my side and then up my arms until he came to my hands which were knotted together with ropes above my head. Was he trying to seduce me or something by touching me like that while I was tied up here? I frowned at him and he continued to look at me apparently unaffected.

He quickly picked at the knot until it became loose and I wiggled my hands free. Looking down at my wrists I saw they were raw from the rope rubbing against them while I struggling to get free all day.

The young sir, whose name I still did not know, grabbed one of my hands and started to pull me with him. "Let's go before anyone sees that you've been freed."

I found myself reeling forward face first in the dirt. Flushing with anger, I spit the dirt out of my mouth so I could yell at him. When I glanced up I saw that he still had a grip on my hand and was tugging at me while yelling down, "What are you doing? Get up! Let's get out of here."

He sounds serious, but is he mocking me again? Yanking my hand away while glaring at him I retorted, "I can't with my legs still tied to this pole!"

"Of course," he said like it was some minor detail that he had forgotten.

He lightly ran his hand down my leg until he came to my feet, I felt myself blushing like an idiot from the brief contact. Why did he have to touch me like that before he untied me? What a pervert!

He untied my legs even quicker than he did my arms. "Follow me," he commanded while pulling me up to my feet by my arm.

Zig pursued closely behind us as the young sir began dragging me through town taking all sorts of short cuts and secret alleys like he had memorized this town as if it was his own backyard.

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