open book.

my endless way will walk without you.

speak; I've been a big liar

can you forgive me?

chorus: you gave me ailes

you didn't teach me to fly

I played with puzzle

I never found an exit.

when I was a girl

I wanted desperately to grow

I've grown up

where is the pink world

that the adults showed me?

I can't be so innocent

or someone can take advantage of me.

chorus: ......

I believed in the happy birthday wishes

(my wishes died like the candles on the cake)

I've grown up to no place to belong

where are my childhood dreams?

did I leave you when you needed me?

I can't trust.

speak; I've been a big liar

(I feel so bad)

lie after lie is a thorn hurting my body

(I'm so egoistic)

listen, don't call me the drama queen

(I'm not a queen)

chorus: ....

I will walk endless way without you.