Is there any point anymore? Who would care if I were gone?
Am I still here, or am I the long forgotten significance of the past,
The cloud above the rainbow that everyone disregards,
I am nothing to you,
Just a single sinful soul in the ocean of the underworld,
No one understands my pain,
I feel it alone,
I live it alone,
No one understands my torture, Taunted by the demons of my mind,
Wounded by the contempt of my existence,
What do I have to live for?
What do I have to lose?
These weeping wounds of scarlet my everlasting memories of this torture,
Tested by Satan,
Taunted by spirits,
What is the cause?
I'm dormant inside,
For all eternity,
I'm numb,
My existence the source of humiliation,
The threat of all things to come,
My life the hell on earth,
My joy, the reason of being, none.