Nigi Onnanoko

By: Jasmine R.

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Talking "…Okay..."

Thinking 'I hate school …'

Telepathically 'What??'

---------Chapter 1: Gathering All Friends!----------

Kioko Natsuko was walking down the street, finally glad it was summer. "(Sighs in relief) Finally, it's the first day of summer!" Kioko said, jumping. Kioko then started running, pulled her arms up, and a 2 feet tall rock popped out. Kioko jumped and landed on it. Kioko then pulled her arms up softly, and she then flew up. Putting her hands in a normal stance, and flew with her rock. Kioko knew rainbows are impossible without rain, but Kioko also knew that she can't make one herself. Unless, no, it couldn't be possible…or could it?

Kioko then descended her rock, going to her friend, Nami.

"Nami-Chan! Are you awake?" Kioko asked, knocking the door.

"All right already, I'm coming!" Nami shouted.

"He-he…" Kioko giggled.

'Nami's blue eyes and blue hair always made her look like a she's a child of Water…does she have a power…no, it can't be...' Kioko thought.

"Alright, I'm here!" Nami said. "What's on our agenda today?"

Nami asked.

"Well, we have to pick up Cho-Chan, Natsuko-Chan, and Hoshi-Chan." Kioko said.

"Oh, yeah!" Nami said.

So Kioko went to Cho's house, and Nami went to Natsuko's house, picking both of them up. Now, together, all the four went to Hoshi.

"Hiya, guys!" Hoshi said. Hoshi and her yellow hair actually made her look like she was a light child.

Cho had light blue hair, Natsuko had red hair, Hoshi had yellow hair, Nami had blue hair, and Kioko had brown hair.

Kioko was the only one with natural hair, in her group of friends, anyway.

Kioko lead the way to go to the beach, because she would finally reveal her powers to her friends.

In the road, they were just near the beach, but suddenly, a dark figure popped out of nowhere.

To Be Continued…

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"Kioko stopped, and so did her friends. The figure walked towards them, and Kioko jumped ahead. "Hey! Move out of our way!" Kioko said, trying to scare the stranger. But, it was only…"

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