I heard the wolves chasing us as we ran. They were getting too close. They would catch us if we couldn't find a way to move faster. If we could hear them, they could most certainly hear us.

The forest was silent around us as we tore our way desperately through the trees, over roots. We needed to hide our trail better, but the need for speed was more important. I tried to ignore the sharp rocks as I ran over them barefoot. We had to keep moving. We had to escape. There was little moonlight to guide us, both a blessing and a curse. It made it harder on us, but it hopefully would make it harder on those pursuing us as well.

He was leading, dragging me along. I clung to his hand as we ran. I was stumbling, exhausted. There was something wrong with me. I couldn't run as fast as I needed. No matter how much faster I told my legs to move, they just wouldn't do it. My body was weak, I could barely breathe. Desperation overtook me as I tried as hard as I could to keep up, keep running, and just keep moving.

The wolves were gaining ground, closing in on us. I knew the vampires were close behind. We just had to outrun them a little while longer. The sun was coming up. We would be safe then.

Suddenly, he dragged me off of the path into a little hollow under a giant tree. "We'll be safe here for a little while," he whispered. I nodded, trying to catch my breath as quickly and silently as possible. I wasn't doing very well. My pulse thumped in my ears and I was gasping for breath. He looked concerned and scared. I tried to do better, but I was so weak and tired. My body was abused, covered in cuts, bruises, and now dirt from running through the woods in the dark. He took off his cloak and wrapped it around my shoulders. It was much warmer than the thin ragged dress I was wearing. He handed me a bottle of water. "Here, we'll rest a couple more minutes," I drank greedily from the bottle, knowing we had to keep moving if we wanted to survive. I had to finish the water he gave me quickly so we could continue. We had to keep moving.

The world started to turn black around me and the bottle fell from my hands. "I'm sorry, Adianna. It was the only way," he whispered as the black fog overtook me and I drowned in unconsciousness. There had been something in the water. Why would he drug me as we were trying to escape? Why was he doing this to me?

"Forget now. Forget until you're ready to remember," I heard a different voice bid me. Helplessly, I succumbed to the darkness and everything faded away.