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Buttterflies and Hurricanes

Summary: In a futuristic society, a corrupt and totalitarian government (called the Federation) threatens the rights and the welfare of it's inhabitants. But, whispers of a revolution are brewing. Their greatest hope to overthrow the tyrannical system is an android (who goes by Perpetua) with a secret coded program to destroy the current leadership and do the impossible: establish a perfect 'utopia' in it's place. For obvious reasons, leaders of the Federation want her captured and destroyed. can someone crack the code before the government finds her? (Change of POV)

Hiding. That's all she knew. Since her creator's untimely demise, she hid. It was a natural impulse. Her existence was in danger, so she had to find a way to escape it. In between the endless silence, unwanted questions bounced back and forth through her unnatural brain: Why was I made? Why did my creator die? Who are these people that are are willing to destroy me? And for what reason? But eventually, she knew she would have to leave her safe hiding place, and find out the answers.

Dr. Chekov started his daily routine. He made a damp, cold porridge and a steaming cup of coffee as he grabbed his mandatory newspaper (which told of the Federation's successes and it's blatant superiority over the poor, ignorant, and weak Republican nation). Pretending to look through the paper (for the sake of a videocamera he knew was observing him), he pondered the heightened security measures since Dr. Lewis' "tragic but necessary" death.

He and Lewis worked for the Federation developing advanced weapon technologies. you'd think that a vocation such as that would guarrantee lots of money, but sadly, no dice. The only way to make a decent income was to advance into the Federation's top brass. Lewis and he often griped about this, but not for long. The god-forsaken Federation could tune in and listen to anything and everything they said! So, they quieted their political and economical discontent.

Before Lewis' death, he was working on a priority project for the Federation. Lewis was frustratingly ambiguous about his project, and when Chekov questioned him, his mood grew somber and he mumbled, "humanoid robotics". This sparked Chekov's interest, but seeing Lewis' grave face stopped him from asking any further questions.

Somehow Lewis got into deep trouble with the Federation. For reasons he couldn't comprehend, the Feds (or Fedton as they were commonly called) neglected to tell him what Lewis had done. But one thing Chekov could remember clearly was the ceaseless allegations that he was conspiring with Lewis. They still have him locked up, to an extent. He committed sometype of high treason and they killed him. From what he scraped from the rumor mill, it had not been painless. That was about three months ago.

But Chekov pushed such morbid thoughts out of his mind and lit up a cigarette. He was working on maintenance today, where he have to do some troubleshooting on the Federation's scanners and assorted weapons. He walked upstairs to get his tools and gear. Normally this type of work was done by less educated people than he, but he had to fix it, because of some mysterious malfunction that ocurred in one of the basement's mainframe computers. No one knew what what was the problem, so they brought him in.

So, he gathered his equipment and headed towards the basement. Chekov journeyed deep into Fedton's basement, where they stored most of their technology. He found it rather ironic that many of the citizens of the Federation were living almost barbarically, but here he was thinking up super advanced weaponry while everyone else was still in the Middle Ages, metaphorically.

He approached the behemoth computer, and he inspected it closely. The hard drive definitely had something wrong with it, but he didn't know what. 'Some type of virus must've gotten into the system.' he thought. Behind the computer he heard rustling noises. Bewildered, he walked over to see a girl staring at him quizzically.

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