No mercy was shown from the storm, descending downward with nary a respite in sight; the rain casting an icy chill that ran straight to the bones of whomever it touched. Falling in sheets to the point one would have thought the Heavens had forsaken the earth, weeping out of sorrow and disappointment as a mother would for her unruly child.

But even such a downpour could not mask the approach of the thick-scaled predators. The stink of bloodlust clinging to them as did maggots to a rotting corpse. They came from all directions, bodies rippled with rough skin and pounds upon pounds of muscle. Curved fangs, perfect for tearing through any living creature, lined their vile mouths. Beady slits of crimson, knowing only to see with hunger and rage, shimmered deep within the sockets of their skulls; the perfect hunter. Slowly the Sk'arris came at her, red tongues dripping with salvia, hunger banging at the doors of their stomachs. Their appetite was number one on their agenda and they'd be damned before letting a meal escape them.

Glancing upwards she could see her enemies scaling down the ruins towards her. "It's never easy." was Sylvia's smug reply. She blew a wet lock of silver hair out of her face, wrinkled her swarthy nose and fixed the wide brimmed hat atop her head. With a flick of her gloved hands, she reached inside her coat and unsheathed dual .50 caliber Desert Eagle, the words "Smile" elegantly emblazoned on one shaft, and a devilish "smiley" face on the other.

She held the guns, barrels pointing at the storming sky, and glared at the assemblage that was covering an absurd amount of ground. She merely blew a swish of air through her teeth as a lightning bolt pierced the sky behind her. Her tongue rolled over her prominent canines inside her cheek as the esurient growls came to her ears.

There was quite a few of them but neither the fact that she was absurdly outnumbered nor the rain could bring any complaints from her. To dwell on such things was futile in her opinion: if you can't fix it why bother stressing? A mantra she had often lived by much of her life and once again came into play now.

She smiled as her cold icy green eyes caught the fevered look of one of her opponents. The beast stopped as it felt her piercing glare matching its own. A look of death, a contract signed in blood, the fight would not be over until one party lied dead in this forgotten rubble. The rain slicked off its dark green skin and a guttural sound protruded from the reptilian beast. It did not matter if the woman wanted to fight or not, she'd be its dinner it was as simple as that. And with a final glance at the lithe woman, the Sk'arri descended downward, its comrades following suit.

They came at her all at once, pouncing on her with an unbridled ferocity which she returned with her weapons. The sounds of bullet casings bouncing off the ground was the soprano, the yelps and shrieks of pain the bass; it was music to her ears. Her rate of fire was astonishing, bullets even suspending some of the huge beasts in the air if only for a moment! She had already killed more then a dozen when the grisly onslaught stopped. Only the soft pitter patter of rain was heard as Sylvia held her guns out, barrels smoking, empty casings gratified at her heels . She smirked and stared at the confused beasts,"Bang bang you're dead.". The frenzy started anew, the beating they had taken both in pride and body fueling their rage even more now. Images of tearing her limb for limb filled their savage brains, roars filled with indignation rushed through them.

Sylvia had put away her empty weapons and held out her arms. Massive curved blades swung out from within the sleeves of her coat, stopping a few inches from her forearms. She clasped onto the cylinder grips of the weapons and glared at the pack of hungry reptilian beasts. Her ravishing countenance contorted into that of a feral one. The look in her eyes similar to that of frenzied look assailants. With a shallow gasp, she embraced the Sk'arri's charge, the urge to impale, slice and gorge bordering on maddening.

The primal nature of it all, one opponent trying to best the other, birthed a twisted common bond, two parties linked together by the laws of mortal combat. It was only in combat that she let herself go, her cheerful demeanor succumbing to the side that wanted to howl and wreak and destroy. Her eyes began to burn with an inhumane fire as she snapped the neck of a Sk'arri with only a well placed kick. She caught another by the tip of her blade through its throat, using her weight and its momentum to slam it into the wet ground. She pushed her weapon deeper and deeper into its esophagus all the while leaving the creature to squirm and kick in desperation before death had claimed it.

She cocked her head back, silver hair whipping wildly around her, and sliced downward against the face of another. It ignored the searing pain from its lost eyes and swung at her in anger only to leave itself open and feel a blade coming upward from its midriff to its head.

She twisted on her heels avoiding a lunge from a bold Sk'arri and vaulted over another using its head as a mount. As she came down she slammed her knee into its back creating a sickening snap. Kicking away the carcass, her green eyes caught a duo of the savage beasts coming from both sides. An evasive rolling maneuver prevented them from laying a hand on her, but as soon as she got up a massive claw was descending upon her head. She parried the blow, green scabrous flesh digging into the sharps of her weapons. The Sk'arri didn't care as it tried to force her down with its strength and weight. A wild growl came from her throat as she pushed through the beast's arm sending one fourth of its arm into the air, blood sputtering from the newly formed stump. Sylvia grabbed the beast by its throat and snapped its neck with her gloved hands, simultaneously killing another of the beasts with a powerful heel kick to its head.

Seeing an opening, one Sk'arri sliced at Sylvia, sinking its claws deep inside of her side. She reeled in pain, slashing downward to disrupt the attack and backpedaling to find a brief respite. No sooner that she had gotten away did a trio of the creatures descend upon her. The smell of her blood had enticed them, causing them to fight with a new vigor. Sylvia felt the tug of her coat, as she careened to her left. A good sized nick appeared across a cheek as she leapt backwards. Landing on solid ground with more force then she had intended, she stumbled allowing a Sk'arri on her right to tackle her. They went tumbling into a puddle, claws and blade jabbing and poking when they could. Sylvia forced the creature off of her with a mule kick to its knees causing to buckle under its weight.

She rolled in its direction, silting its throat, her face contorted more with anger than pain. Looking skyward she saw several Sk'arri vaulting at her. Forcing herself upwards with the strength in her legs, she jumped at them and swung her weapons in a wide arc, cleaving two of them. The other was able to cut through one of her weapons, sending a fractured blade soaring and sinking it's claws into her shoulder. The attack sent her off balance forcing her to land harshly on her right knee. Sylvia caught up with a heavy sigh, blood oozing effusively from several sources all over her body. The many Sk'arri that still remained, sensing the lack of fight in her began to surround her slowly. Sylvia chuckled, "Guess you guys got me." She said with a bit of effort. "Damn I liked that weapon." She muttered as she stared at the ill-looking fracture. "Where's my hat? I liked that hat too." She said with a sly smile. The growls of the beasts only grew louder as Sylvia tried to stand. "Well I'd say its been fun kiddies, but I'd be lying." A twinkle could be seen in her green eyes as she glared at the Sk'arris stopped in their tracks. Her body began to convulse a bit, as if something within were trying to break free. Her breaths were long and quiet, filled with a feral rage and anger. The soft ground beneath her began to curve under the force she pushed upon it. Her silver hair began to lengthen, inches becoming feet in mere moments. Her dark skin began to become covered by silver fur, the same color as her hair, as clothing began to tear at the seams. Her exquisite face began to shift and become more angled, her nose being ousted by a long snout. A final luminescent gleam emitted from her eyes as the change was completed.

She now stood at an astounding eight feet, wounds fully healed and body covered with over 200 pounds of muscle. The rain slicked off her silver fur as if it was not precious enough to touch her. She grit her fangs, a deranged look in her eyes, her claws twitching eagerly, talons slowly grinding against the ruined pavement, long lavish tail swaying playfully behind her.

"You remember how you guys beat me up?" She asked rhetorically. The swarm of Sk'arri simply stood staring as the rain pelted them, the sense of fear coming from them strong. Her canines came into better view as a wild look spread across the she wolf's face, "Well let me return the favor." And with a clash of thunder and lightning, she was off.