Poem about isolating yourself from society (as many people appear too), I felt really shy and lonely today so I wrote this, it's a little cliché near the end but I kinda like it so I hope you do too!!!


We said that we were stranded on adesertisland,

To find that the desert island wore our name,

And the wind wailed like a million broken children,

And the palm trees withered away in spiteful rain.

We stood still like a million glass plated sculptures,

Waiting for someone to prove that our hearts could feel,

But when a stranger reached out their hand to help us,

We decided that emotion felt too real.

Cause sometimes the world is like the races,

And the torch has been raised ten million miles ahead,

And instead of baring your soul like a medallion,

You'd prefer to crawl back inside your bed.

And sometimes when people think they're beautiful,

They crumble with the slight touch of the unknown,

They're proven wrong by those who don't even know them,

And tricked by words into thinking they're alone.

We took down the bamboo hut on our island,

Where we had hidden our hearts underneath our whiney cots,

Oh we took a golden flame to our island,

And we buried all of our self-pity pots.

And we built a great ship on our island,

And we nailed the boards for hope, forget demand,

And we put up a homemade flag for the sea to see

And we sailed our ship all the way to the mainland.

(Dudes don't be afraid to have your own island, but the mainland is nice too I hearif you're brave enough to face it)