Thanks Lord.
You gave me a man:

With just enough charisma
That I was smitten from the start
And he was just enough a jackass
That I guarded up my heart

He had just enough experience
To pleasure me on full
And he had just enough naiveté
That I saw through his bull.

He was just enough a rebel
That he made me thirst for life
But he was just enough a coward
That I could laugh and feel all right

And Lord I know I'm stinging
'Cause he did get under my skin
But he wasn't enough to be worth my gift
(I'm still a sexy hot virgin)

So thanks again Oh Lord
From woman to woman, ya know
This present you gave was truly the best
And I want my thanks to show


You gave me just enough a man
That part of me wants to stay
But he's just enough a boy
That I can walk away