Katherine did return to Alexandria. Conan went with her. They got Alton's preserved body and buried near their new home with Leonard and Bob. Evelyn and the gang came too. It became a colony of peace. Wilson started an academy there. The temple was expanded and used as an actual place of worship, dedicated to all of the gods. In the summer of the following year, little Alton was born, looking like his father but with only the kindness of his parents.

No one knew what happened to F'rayn, only that he was never seen by anyone, though some people in Bosnia swore they saw him. Beryl became the first female ruler of Lindblum. Sadly, she never married. Olivia was thrown into the dungeons in Hatsfield. She was released out of kindness, but sent to serve as a slave in Dragnor.

Life became a wondrous place once more. Unfortunately, it was a naive one...

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