It seems many long years ago, the day I bartered passage from the French coast to England, though, in truth, it has only been two. Every day since then, I have wondered what the motivation behind my migration was. Was it madness or brilliance that brought me here? The fact that I'm alive and living in comfort suggests brilliance, but the course of fate can change quickly, and in a matter of hours, it could appear madness.

"Reyena?" a voice calls questioningly, cutting through my thoughts.

It startles me to hear that tone; a tone mixed with fear. I should perhaps look up and answer it, but he must pay for this distraction.


Oh, he dares! He calls again, as if commanding me to speak! Does he think he is the superior? It is an insult that in a country ruled by a woman that men should have dominance.

"Reyena, will you please listen to me?"

Perhaps he is annoyed enough.

"What do you want?!" I finally respond icily, "You do disturb me for a good reason, I trust."

"Yes, my lady, I have news concerning your very existence."

"Ah, and that would be... what exactly, Adolf?"

"Well, um, your last, um, addition to your treasury-"

"Quit avoiding the question!!!"

"Yes, of course. Well... there's a price on your head."


"It seems that you have been singled out as the "Thieve Queen" the leader of the thieves' guild."

"Well, I am."

"Yes, but Queen Elizabeth herself has put a death mark on your head."

"Interesting...well, what is the reward for my capture?"

"It is not specified. The queen just said to find you, oh, and that the reward would be higher if you were brought in alive," he answers, rather confused.

"Interesting, very interesting. This situation might just be the turn of fate to determine madness," I say, to myself more than to Adolf.

"Why do you care what the reward is?"

That is perhaps a just question. Most people would deem my question mere curiosity, but Adolf knows me better than that. Most of the guild knows me better than that.

"Perhaps I wish to turn myself in," I reply sarcastically.

"Ha! We all," he says, referring to the guild, "know you're not that stupid."

"I wanted to know if the reward was high enough for Artemis to betray me."

"You fear him," he states.

It is obvious he hates Artemis. He makes it quite obvious every time his name is mentioned.

"You aren't surprised? Well, you shouldn't be anyway. Artemis is the most dangerous assassin in all of England. You know this." I say, though voicing this only escalates my fears.

"You speak highly of him," he replies, liking the subject even less than before.

"As should you, Adolf," I shoot back, extremely annoyed at the disrespect, "You know his reputation and you know it to be truth. He is unrivaled as an assassin, unrivaled as a bounty hunter, unrivaled as a swordsman and an archer. The list goes on and on. He can follow you running at top speed and you won't even know he's there. If he wants to collect the reward then he is more than capable of it. The only hope I have against him is if he does something stupid."

"He is not better than you," Adolf retorts angrily.

"Yes, he is. Don't let him inside, Adolf. I don't want to encounter him."

Author's note: This is my first original fiction that is worthy of being posted. Please read and review so that I might improve my writing style and know what I have done right and/or wrong.