Chapter 9

"They should be here by now!" I scream toward the night sky, all the while pacing out of frustration.

"We are, Reyena," comes a voice out of the darkness to my lift, a voice that sounds rather out of place.

" 'D'?" I ask, confused as to why he was here.

"Yes, my lady" comes another voice from my right.

"Adolf?" I ask, even more confused.

"Yup" comes a chorus of voices from ahead.

"Is the entire thieves' guild here?" I ask, thoroughly confused and weak with happiness.

"All of them that are left," answers Artemis from behind, putting his hand on my shoulder and turning me around.

"You're wearing pants," I tease, "What do you mean?"

"The queen retaliated, wiped out almost half the official guild members. Those who escaped your house grabbed the artifacts and left England," he offered as meek explanation.

"But I killed the queen," I stammer, unable to understand his explanation.

"No, you killed her bodyguard Eamane Oronar. Queen Elizabeth did not trust me and sent Eamane to deal with me."

"Oh," I reply, unable to say anything else.

My heart felt as if it has been ripped from my chest. I knew every single member of my guild on a first name bases. They were all my friends. We were the honorary thieves guild of London. (Even if most people felt that the words honorary and thieves didn't fit in the same sentence.) I feel my eyes warm with tears. I blink them back, or try to, but they just start falling down my cheek.

"Reyena-" Artemis started, wiping a tear from my face.

"Who?" I cut him off, "Who was killed?" My voice sounded raspy and croaks almost worse than a frog.

"John was the first casualty, he was the door guard," his voice is cut by a racking sob, "Ryan, both of the Freds, the twins," he continues over the sound of my crying."

"About seven that I did not know were killed in your personal chambers. Altogether thirteen were killed and one is missing." He finishes lamely, unable to comfort me, because he does not understand my pain.

"Reyena, I've never seen you cry before," "D" tells me, not quite sure what to do.

"I'm sorry" I compose myself enough to say, "they were all my friends but I'm really glad to see you all."

Chapter 10

When the entire guild was asleep, I scribbled down a two-page letter and left it in their food pack. Artemis untied the best of the horses and waited for me to finish the explanation.

"It's not a novel, Reyena" he tells me, trying his best not to sound annoyed.

"Sorry," I reply shortly, still writing. "O.K., I'm done."

And leaving the note behind, I climb up behind Artemis and we cross into the Hessian kingdom, both our futures looking exceptionally bright in the land of mercenaries.

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