The Bounty

"She's just a child!" came a voice approaching the cell.

"She's not a child; she's a monster," replied a cell guard, " It took seven guards to subdue her and even then she managed to kill three of us."

"How old is she? What's her name? Why was she imprisoned?" came a tirade of questions from the first voice.

"She won't say anything but the initials on her coat are R.R. As for her age? She's probably seven or eight years old." The guard informed the inquirer adding, " She's in here for killing her father's employer."

"Why did she kill him?"

"How am I supposed to know?" asked the very flustered guard, " Why do you care anyway, Boss?"

"I just need to know why I am imprisoning an seven or eight year old child! The public isn't happy with it."

"She's not a child, she's a monster. The king himself is involved in this matter. He's debating banishing her and her parents." the guard informed the boss.

An out-of-breath-messenger appeared, "We…won't…have to…worry…about…her family," he panted, "The victim's family has taken the right of retaliation."

At this, the sleeping child in the cell awoke.

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