"What was that?" "D" yells, as a colossal bird swoops down on him, Artemis astride it.

After Artemis jumps off, I return to my human form. Adolf and "D" nearly die of shock and the rest of the guild take several steps backwards.

"Hey guys," I chirp cheerfully, "Did you miss us?"

"Reyena," Adolf exclaims, "What was that bird-thing?"

"Bird-thing? BIRD-THING? You would dare call a phoenix a "Bird-Thing". That's it, if I was still in charge I would demote you immediately. Unfortunately, I remember giving "D" here my executive powers."

"That was a phoenix?" "D" asks, "Do you want your "executive powers" back?"

"Not really, "D". And yes that's a phoenix, beautiful isn't?"

"Reyena, do you want to know my name?" "D" asks suddenly.

"Um…yes, I do, but right now there is something far more important that I have to do," turning to Artemis I say, "Shall we pay a visit to the king?"

"That can wait until tomorrow," Artemis says, taking me in his arms and kissing me, "Right now I just want to be home"

Author's note: This is the end of this story. It will be continued in a third story called: "Atonement". Please review.